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Low-Effort Bathroom Renovation Techniques

Written by Laura

Your bathroom is probably one of the smallest spots in your house, but not the least important by any means. Renovating the bathroom can seem like a costly and complicated process, but it’s worth making some changes every once in a while since this space tends to become the most outdated in the home. There are simpler ways than it may seem to update your bathroom, and many of these tricks are things you can do yourself. If you would like to have a beautiful, comfortable and functional bathroom but don’t want to strain yourself financially to make a home makeover happen, then read this article from ShMadrid. We’ll be telling you the best and easiest ways to change up your bathroom.

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Renovating your bathroom is easier than it seems

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If there is one thing that’s best to change in your home bathroom, it’s your tiles. If your bathroom tiles are dark and worn out or have a style that reminds you of the seventies, there’s a way you can change them out quickly and easily. There are special enamels made for bathrooms and kitchens that resist humidity better than other styles. Painting your tiles can also help you avoid having to take them out, and painted tiles stay in good condition and are easy to apply. If your bathroom is small and doesn’t have very much light, it’s best to paint it a white or other light color that will create a neutral tone. This way, you have a canvas to which you can add brighter colors later on through the shower curtain and other accessories. Speaking of accessories, substituting old towels, hangers and a toilet roll holder for new ones will help greatly to add a more modern and sophisticated air to your bathroom. The mirror is another element that tends to get damaged over time and may need to be changed out for a new one. If you have a smaller bathroom, there are many options for mirrors that also attach to cabinets and therefore save you more space.

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If your bathroom is really old, the furnishings and the sink are probably old and too large for the size of the bathroom you have to be truly practical. Take a good look at the measurements of your bathroom and try to look for furnishings that will best fit the size of the room. Look into your storage system as well to see if it’s designed to best fit your needs. Bathroom furnishings like cabinets with large drawers that can hold lots of items will be the most practical. A factor that can make your bathroom feel cold and sad is a lack of good lighting, and if this describes your bathroom, you should remedy this. With good lighting, you can attain the sensation of a happier and brighter space. Lastly, if you want to change up your bathroom flooring, you can put down vinyl flooring made for bathrooms that is completely impermeable and easy to install. Vinyl flooring stays in good condition for a long time and there are a large variety of styles to choose from. Now, all you have to do is think about the colors you want for your towels, shower curtain and decor and with a couple weeks of work, you “new” bathroom will be good to go.

What other advice do have for renovating your bathroom?

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