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How to keep your house warm and save on your gas bill

Written by Laura

Madrid is one of the provinces in Spain where winter’s chill is felt the most strongly. While it’s true that the winter here is drier than in Mediterranean zones, the cold is also generally more intense. During this time of year, nothing sounds better than coming back at the end of the day to a warm house, cranking up the heat and snuggling under a blanket on the couch. Sometimes it ends up costing more than it’s worth to be running the heat all day, which is why in this article from ShMadrid we’ve put together a list of things you can do to help save money on heating. If you want to know how to keep your home warm while keeping your gas bill low, then don’t miss our tips in this article. You’ll be happy to have a lower gas bill and the planet will thank you as well.

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Tricks for keeping your home warm and your gas bill low

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Winter is, unsurprisingly, the season when gas bills at the end of each month tend to be the highest. It’s undeniable that heating is absolutely necessary in order to happily make it through the cold months, but you can spend less money on heating by following some of these simple steps, most of which don’t cost you any money at all. The first piece of advice we want to offer is to take advantage of the steam produced when you take a shower. It may sound strange, but the hot water that takes away the chill after being outside can continue to warm you after you get out of the shower. When you take a hot shower, just leave the door open and let the steam fill the rest of the house and continue to enjoy the warmth after your shower is done. You can do something similar in your kitchen – when you are done using your oven, leave the door open while it’s cooling down to let the hot air fill up the house.

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Another small trick, although it’s not incredibly aesthetically pleasing, is useful for filtering out the cold. Windows are almost always responsible for letting in cold air, so applying some sort of sealant can cut this problem short. For example, putting bubble wrap (yes, bubble wrap) on your windows can help to keep heat inside your home and cold air from entering. It depends on how much you hate how it looks, but the advantages may convince you that it’s worth it. The most important thing to remember if you choose to use this trick is to make sure that there aren’t any heat sources too close to your windows or doors that could burn the bubble wrap. Something else that will help as well as add a decorative flair is using rugs and blankets throughout your home. The rugs will keep your feet warm while walking from your bed through your house, as well as keeping cold air from the hard floor from rising up. You may also consider adding thicker opaque curtains during the winter, as they help to trap in heat better than the thin, light options that let in sunlight during the rest of the year. (However, if the sun is shining, don’t hesitate to open them up and let in the warm rays!)

What do you do to keep your house warm in the winter?

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