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Terraces to Enjoy a Drink in the Fall

Written by Laura

Now that we are in the midst of the changing seasons and the air is getting fresher every day, people are out on their patios and terraces taking advantage of as much sun as they can get. Sun, in moderation, is very important for our health, but the autumn sun in particular is almost therapeutic – it provides a less intense heat than in the summer but is a welcome treat as sun begins to be more scarce. It is due to this love of sun that Madrid is full of bars and restaurants with terraces, where residents can enjoy the open air while drinking a coffee or beer. Today in this article from ShBarcelona we’ll be talking about some of the coziest terraces in Madrid to enjoy a drink and enjoy the fall weather.

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Enjoy the changing of the seasons on a terrace

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Fall is a season of beginnings, from the start of the school year for the smallest children to the beginning of first jobs for recent graduates. It’s also true that the fall tends to be a time when people start to go to the gym more, and with that we introduce the first terrace option in the city, where the concept of the gym is reinvented in a single place where there are a multitude of amazing options. Gymage Lounge Resort is a spectacular spot where, besides their gym, you will find a theater, a restaurant, and of course a marvelous terrace to enjoy a drink on a sunny fall day. The array of food options is also impressive, with options including but not limited to sushi, hamburgers, pasta, salads and plates to share.

Another multifaceted spot, a category that seems to be thriving in the Spanish capital, is La Casa Encendida. Here, you are invited to take a break and enjoy a coffee or tea in the cafe of this cozy spot, which also features delightful terrace, something you can’t miss when the weather is favorable and the sun is out.

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Last but not least is the terrace of the hotel Orfila in Madrid. If you feel like treating yourself to a more chic and glamorous day, you can take advantage of the hotel’s perks and go on Sunday, where a stylish brunch awaits you with visitors dressed in their finest pearls. An alternative to spending your Sunday morning sleeping in after a long week, going out for brunch is the perfect way to start off your day on the right foot. Brunch hours are generally around 12 pm, right between breakfast and lunchtime, and at hotel Orfila you can enjoy your food on their beautiful terrace, where you are sure to have a memorable morning.

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There are many terraces in Madrid, a good amount of which are covered rather than open-air. We recommend that you explore as many of them as you can, since many of them are hidden in interior gardens and patios, and the majority of hotels feature elegant and tranquil terraces and patios for you to enjoy with a drink in hand.

Do you recommend any other terraces to enjoy in the fall in Madrid?

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