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Luxury Shopping in Madrid

Written by Brian S.

Here in Madrid, you can find some of the most luxurious areas in the country, neighborhoods where you can buy from the most luxurious stores in Europe, and enjoy an excellent and luxurious experience in Madrid, where the Salamanca district stands out the most. In this ShMadrid article, you will find a guide to luxury shopping in Madrid in Salamanca.

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The Golden Mile

In Salamanca, one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Madrid, you will find the most luxurious shops and the most important restaurants in the city on the so-called Golden Mile (La Milla de Oro), a square kilometer where the stores of the major companies are concentrated on fashion, jewelry, decoration and restoration, and ideal for a luxury shopping experience in Madrid.

Luxury Clothing Stores

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On the Golden Mile, find luxurious clothing stores such as Hannibal Laguna, which has a store on Calle Claudio Coello, 58, where the star is their wedding and party dresses, as well as shoes, with an elegant and very exclusive finish. In Hannibal Laguna, enjoy some luxurious shopping and impeccable treatment and service. In Adolfo Domínguez, you can make the most exclusive purchases of men’s and women’s fashion, with two stores, both on Calle Serrano. The store at number 5 has a space of more than 2,000 m², divided into five floors, being the most important store in this area in Spain. On the same street, at number 66, you will find Louis Vuitton, a brand that occupies the entire building with a space of 400 m² distributed on two floors, where you will enjoy the most luxurious shopping of one of the most recognized brands worldwide.

Luxury Jewelry

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If you like jewelry, at the Golden Mile, you will also find the most exclusive jewelry stores in Madrid, such as Bulgari, located at Calle Serrano, 32. This is also where you can find the other high-end jewelry stores of the city from the most important brands in the world, where gold, diamonds, and precious stones are combined in innovative, sophisticated, and elegant designs. Tiffany & Co, one of the best known worldwide, at Calle José Ortega y Gasset, 10, offers us the best jewelry in a luxurious and exclusive environment, with 564 m² of floor space where you can find pieces of luxury and sophistication in the city. Another of the most important pieces of jewelry located within the Golden Mile is the Spanish company Tous, the most important national jewelry store, located at Calle Serrano, 50. Also on the same street, at number 74, is the Cartier jewelry store, which also stands out as one of the most important stores in the city, luxurious and sophisticated, where you will find elegant, top quality jewelry.

Luxurious Restaurants

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In Salamanca, you will also find some of the best restaurants, many listed with the coveted Michelin stars. The Ramón Freixa restaurant, run by the named-Catalan chef in the 5-star Hotel Único, is a sophisticated and elegant gastronomic space with two Michelin stars and three Repsol Suns. This luxurious restaurant has menus from €65.50 per guest with innovative and modern dishes of Mediterranean cuisine that have led it to become one of the best restaurants in Madrid. At Calle del General Pardiñas, Punto MX, the first Mexican restaurant with a Michelin star as received in 2015, is led by chef Roberto Ruiz also has two Repsol Suns. Among its tasting menus (from €65), delicious dishes such as chilpachole shrimp soup, bacon chicharrón, a pumpkin huitlacoche flower quesadilla, and Iberian pork tacos with green tomatillo can be found and indulged on, serving as a luxurious Mexican restaurant that is perfect to regain your strength after shopping. The restaurant Álbora, at Jorge Juan, 33, will allow you to enjoy the best avant-garde cuisine from €58, with dishes such as foie gras in a salad, tuna belly with amaranth, and suckling lamb in two firings with braised bulgur and touches of coffee and vanilla.

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How To Get There

To get to “La Milla de Oro,” get off at Serrano on line 4 or Retiro on line 2 of the Madrid metro system. Both stops will leave you within feet of these luxurious shops in Salamanca so you can enjoy an authentic luxurious experience in your shopping.

The most exclusive and luxurious stores you will find in the Salamanca district! Tell us what your favorite luxury stores are in the comments and share your experience with us!

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