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Districts of Madrid

Get to Know the Chamartin District

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Written by Miguel

Perhaps one of the most important districts in the capital of Spain, Chamartin contains 6 different neighborhoods – El Viso, Hispanoamérica, Nueva España, Castilla, Ciudad Jardín and Prosperidad. Formerly a feudal estate called Chamartin de la Rosa, it has been a vital part of the city since it was absorbed in 1948.

If you’re planning on visiting this part of the city, keep reading this article by ShMadrid and take note of what to see in each of its wards.

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Notable neighborhoods in Chamartin


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Photo by marcp_dmoz via VisualHunt

Chamartin’s northernmost neighborhood is home to the famous Gate of Europe, the second tallest twin office buildings in the city.

Corporate towers seem to be a common theme in the area, as one of its other main points of interest is a dedicated business district architecturally dominated by the four tallest skyscrapers in the whole country – hence this zone of the city being named the Cuatro Torres Business Area.

Another place we recommend that you visit when exploring this barrio is its charming main square, Plaza de Castilla.

Ciudad Jardin

With a name meaning “Garden City”, it’s only fitting that this ward’s main attraction is a park. Inaugurated in 1967, Parque de Berlin is a beautiful and vast green area that includes many fountains, sports facilities, an auditorium and a famous monument in honor of legendary composer Beethoven.

Beloved by the locals, this peaceful leisure area has even inspired a famous song by Spanish songwriter Victor Manuel.

El Viso

If you visit Chamartin, it’s worth including the neighborhood of El Viso in your route in order to admire the breathtaking Santuario de Santa Gema, a beautiful temple dedicated to the catholic saint Gemma Galgani.

Built in 1953, it still welcomes the visit of many believers on the 14th of each month, when a traditional pilgrimage to worship the Italian-born saint takes place.


This Chamartin neighbourhood is worthy of note for being the home of the world-famous football club Real Madrid CF – the legendary Santiago Bernabéu stadium is located at its southwestern extreme.

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Other barrios in Chamartin

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Photo by Hidalgo via Visualhunt

There really isn’t much to see in the remaining two wards of Chamartin, Nueva España and Prosperidad. This doesn’t mean they aren’t worth a visit – they are part of Madrid, after all, which means they are still awesome, even without big towers, popular parks or immortal sports stadiums.


It’s worth noting that Prosperidad was once part of the same district as Ciudad Jardin before an administrative decision established a separation. All of these neighborhoods are well served by Madrid’s metro system, which makes it quite easy and pleasant to get around.

Have you been to the district of Chamartin? What is your favourite neighborhood?

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