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Districts of Madrid

Madrid’s Salamanca district

Written by Paula

Madrid is composed by a total of 21 districts, one of which is Salamanca. The district divides itself into seven neighborhoods called Castellana, Fuente del Berro, Goya, Guindalera, Lista, Parque de las Avenidas and Recoletos.

Salamanca was created during the nineteenth century, when the city of Madrid experienced a large population growth. King Philip IV of Spain had built a defensive wall during the seventeenth century, which was now making it impossible for the city to grow. In 1860, Queen Isabella II ordered the walls to be torn down, approving the expansion plans for the city.

salamanca madridThe new district gained the name of Salamanca due to the involvement of Don José de Salamanca y Mayol, Marquis of Salamanca.

Today, Salamanca is one of the wealthiest and most expensive areas to live in Madrid, with Calle de Serrano ranking as the third most expensive street in all of Spain.

Things to see and do in the Salamanca district

Museo Lázaro Galdiano 

A Spanish Property of Cultural Interest, the Lárazo Galdiano Museum features the private art collection of journalist, publisher and financier José Lázaro Galdiano. At the Lárazo Galdiano Museum, visitors can see works by artists like Goya, John Constable, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, Velázquez, and David Teniers the Younger.

Museo Lázaro Galdiano is located at Calle de Serrano 122.

Retiro Park

Retiro Park is as an enormous green space located in the neighborhood of Salamanca, being considered one of the most important locations in Madrid. The park has several points of interest, including a large number of statues, a lake, a fountain, and glass construction known as Palacio de Cristal.

Museo Arqueológico Nacional 

The National Archeology Museum was founded in 1867, with the objective of allowing the public to discover and admire archeological, ethnographical, numismatic and decorative art collections gathered by seven Spanish kings.

 Museo Arqueológico Nacional is located at Calle de Serrano 13.

Fundación Juan March

Created by businessman Juan Marc Ordinas, the March Foundation is a charity for social research.

Museo del Romanticismo 

Salamanca’s Museum of Romanticism salamanca madridis an art museum and Spanish Property of Cultural Interest that was created 1924. The museum’s collection is composed by paintings, miniatures, furniture, drawings, photography, and decorative arts.

Museo del Romanticismo is located at Calle San Mateo 13.

Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural de la Villa

Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural de la Villa is a theater and cultural center located in Plaza de Colón, 4. Built during the late twentieth century, Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural de la Villa has been the stage for numerous plays, concerts and exhibitions.

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