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Decorating Your Home With Fall in Mind

Written by Laura

Decorating your house for fall is something important to make your house more comfortable and harmonious, something that, without a doubt, can create feelings of relaxation and wellbeing for you and guests in your home. Each season has its requirements to make it enjoyable, which can include re-decorating in a way that makes more sense for that time of year. For this reason, when it comes time to decorate it’s important to think about the season you’re in, the looming climate and the things that you’ll need and will provide comfort. Now, in the midst of fall, we want to give you some advice in this article from ShMadrid regarding decorating your house for the fall.

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Decorating your house for the fall

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The first thing you need to do is to change out your wardrobe, since the majority of cold-weather clothes you have are probably stored away. First off, you should examine the blankets, plaids, cushions, bedding and rugs and decide what would be good to keep around as the weather turns colder. Once you have finished this, you can start to think about what you’ll need for the new season. The light summer curtains you’ve had up will need to be accompanied by something else in order to keep in the heat and add a cozy touch to the room. For this purpose, it can be helpful to consider adding thicker curtains. You can combine them with your thinner curtains so you have two types of coverage fit for both sunnier fall days and colder, darker days, and having both will be more aesthetically pleasing in your room. Ideally, the thinner curtains should be a neutral color (white, light gray or beige) and the thicker curtains should be more of an autumnal color. This means that you can choose between colors like orange, maroon, burgundy, green…the list goes on. As for fabrics, cotton or velvet are undoubtedly great options for your windows.  

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Photo via Pixabay

Normally the fall is when we start to spend a lot more time inside, in part due to the shorter hours of daylight and also due to the colder weather and increase in rain. For this reason, it is important to prepare your house for these hours of sofa-sitting, TV watching, and reading inside. Once you have examined your blankets and plaids in your closet that you want to go on the sofa, it’s a good idea to choose which ones will go best with your curtains and rugs. A harmonious combination of colors in a room is the key to tasteful decoration. As previously stated in other articles, the best call is to combine a maximum of three different colors, one of which should be a  neutral color. If your couch is made of a colder material, such as leather, you can add a blanket made of a fabric such as wool to make your room more warm and comfortable. If you love to read, choose a good place in the living room to dedicate to your time with a book. It’s also ideal to be next to a large window to take advantage of the autumn sun on nice days. Of course, you’ll need a comfortable chair to sit in as well – there are a variety of comfortable chair models, such as this one from Ikea. Ambient light is also very important, so you should opt for indirect light at strategic places in the room, and watch the area transform into an amazingly comfortable space.

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What other advice do you have for decorating your house for fall?

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