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Preventing Squatters from Entering a Property that is for Sale

roof of house with squatters
Written by Daniella

The illegal occupation of homes that are for sale has become reality because of the crisis, and the truth is that many people who are out on the streets are taking advantage of the situation, by illegally entering houses that are currently uninhabited.

In Spain, however, everyone has the right to have a roof over their head.

To avoid unwanted situations, one should address the issue with different solutions. So today ShMadrid informs you of what you – as the owner of a property that is for sale – can do to prevent strangers from taking over your property.

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How to stop squatters from accessing your home

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One of the most effective solutions in order to prevent squatters from entering your home illegally is to rent it out. This means you will not only have the property inhabited, but you will also have financial benefits from it.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about certain expenses of an empty property.

If your property cannot be rented out, then you should visit the property on a regular basis. Also, make sure the property is clean, that there are plants on the terrace or balcony (and water them regularly!), empty the mailbox on time, and slightly open the blinds.

All these measures leave the impression that someone is living in the apartment.

If it is not possible to rent out the property, or you cannot visit it frequently, then turn to neighbours for help. Give them your telephone number, so they can inform you of any noises or incidents they have noticed.

Many times apartments in apartment blocks seem to be occupied, although whole blocks could actually be empty, by taking appropriate measures, no-one will ever know.

Some homeowners install a special, armoured door, that gives greater resistance. This is also a way of preventing strangers from lock picking, and the effectiveness of these types of doors are all about metal materials. Another idea is to have a different type of locking system, that makes it impossible to open the door without using the corresponding key.

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interior of squatted home demolished

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An alarm system is another solution, and it can be pretty effective when trying to prevent others from using your property.

Nowadays there are several video surveillance systems that are able to detect any movement inside the house, but you can also have a home security system installed that starts goes off when an intruder tries to access your home. Best of all, the companies that manage these alarm systems will call the police.

Residents of a certain apartment building can also hire a concierge or doorman to ensure the safety of all property owners and their homes. This person is in charge of looking after communal areas and prohibits the passage of strangers.

Pay attention to the following: Nowadays many people like to share every little detail of their lives with the public on social media. What people are often unaware of, however, is that there can always be someone on the lookout to take advantage of your time away from home. Under no circumstances should you notify anyone on social media of being out of town.

And last but not least: It is quite common to put up a “For Rent” or “For Sale” sign to attract buyers or tenants, but these posters should be avoided whenever possible, because they will be evidence that your property is not occupied at the moment and invite unwanted guests.

Do you have other ideas to prevent anyone from entering your house that is for sale?

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