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How to meet new people in Madrid

Written by damien

Going to live in any new city can be a daunting prospect especially if you’re going on your own, and while Madrid is an exciting and vibrant city, there is nothing surer that for the first few weeks or months a new arrival to the city may not find life too easy, especially if they are not particularly outgoing by nature. If the reason for moving to Madrid is to fill a position in a company or to study, then both of these situations should be able to provide an ideal platform to get to know people in Madrid. Obviously, the task will be a lot easier if by nature the new arrival to Madrid is friendly and outgoing and if they have some understanding of Spanish.

The people of Madrid and naturally outgoing and friendly themselves are big believers in hospitality so it shouldn’t take long before interaction begins.  While Madrileños love to socialise in the pavement cafes and restaurants, they are also big believers in home hospitality and that really helps you if you have a nice apartment when you want to return the compliment.

That’s the reason why the first port of call for those want to put down some fairly long term roots in the city should be to visit the offices of ShMadrid who always have our very wide selection affordable Madrid apartments for rent in all the regions of the city.

Once having a pleasant place to use as a base, then looking for ways to expand a new friendship based becomes a lot easier. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet and especially social media sites such as Facebook, it should be very easy to find friends from work, study or your old town living in the city. Within a matter of minutes, you may be able to be chatting, exchanging experiences and may be able to meet and renew a friendship in this fascinating city

Other ways of expanding your circle of friends in Madrid may be to find clubs that cater to a special interest that you may have. For example, if you like a particular form of music or you can play an instrument, there is strong chances are that you will find people of a like mind in Madrid. The same applies if you like to take part in any form of sport or play table games such as chess or bridge.  Taking part in any of these pastimes will also reduce the language barrier considerably.

Many new arrivals to Madrid have found friendships through joining evening classes in various subjects. The advantages of evening classes at that they provide access to the broad cross-section of the Madrid community, who are likely to be interested in welcoming someone new to the city.

There are a lot of ways to get to know new people and make friends in Madrid and it very much depends on the individual how they go about this. What is for sure that by using a bit of initiative there  is always a chance to make your Madrid experience that more interesting and enjoyable by building a circle of friends.

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Originally from France, Damien has made Spain his home. He loves languages, learning, food and startups.

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