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Tips for keeping your home cool in the summer

Written by Laura

Every summer, it’s clear that the temperatures aren’t doing anything but rising, and the waves of heat are more and more habitual in our country. With the desperation that this heat can cause, it’s good to keep in mind that it’s possible to keep the house fresh even without air conditioning, if you know what to do. For those that don’t get to enjoy air conditioning in their house, today from the blog at ShMadrid we discuss what you can do to cool off your house and enjoy it despite the outside heat. Don’t miss our advice for keeping the house cool in the summer.

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Hot outside, fresh air inside

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The first thing to keep in mind is to avoid eating heavy or greasy food when it’s hot outside. This type of food raises our body temperature and makes it harder for our body to regulate our internal temperature. Fruits, vegetables, cold dishes… and lots of water is the best diet for surviving the heat. Apart from this diet which is beneficial during the summer heat, we advise closing the blinds and the windows during the hottest points of the day, when the outside temperature is higher than inside. In this way, you preserve the coolness in your apartment and avoid hot outside air from raising the inside temperature. During the night, when the temperatures are lower, is when you should open the windows and doors to take advantage of the cool night breeze and refresh the space. Wetting the ground outside of your home, if possible, can help the air outside to be cooler, so you can cool your terrace or patio the night before and let the air in. You can also scrub the inside of the house to lower the inside temperature a few degrees.

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Another piece of advice is removing rugs from the house and using textiles made from natural materials on the sofas, chairs and beds. You can put a cotton cover on a sofa made from thick material, which is hotter, or on a sofa made from synthetic material, which get hotter when the temperatures rise. Minimize your use of home electronics when you can and turn off the rest, since they emit a lot of heat. Also, keep the lights turned off if you can. Place fans near doors and windows, without obstacles to their air flow and do not attach them to the wall so the air circulates better. Lastly, if possible, get rid of dark or thick curtains and use light shades in light colors. To eliminate light, it’s better to lower the blinds or close the shutters.

What do you do to cool down your house? Share your advice in the comments!

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