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Tips for enjoying a worry-free vacation

Written by Laura

Vacations are almost always fun and pleasant affairs, and if they aren’t, you can always refer to them as an adventure afterwards. However, it’s important to take a series of precautions so that one of the best times of the year doesn’t turn into a nightmare. From making sure that the trip, apartment or summer house isn’t a scam, to avoiding finding an unpleasant surprise when you return, you can never be too careful. For this reason, we at the ShMadrid blog are here to tell you about ways to enjoy your vacation worry-free and be able to disconnect from your daily stress the way you deserve.

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No surprises when you come back

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When you leave your house, there are a series of things you should keep in mind before leaving for vacation. Firstly, it’s advised to avoid leaving electronics on, but generally, the standby option doesn’t work. There are many reasons to do this: firstly, you save money on your electricity bill, and it also prevents them from breaking if there’s a voltage surge or other incident involving your electronics. We also recommend closing the water passage to avoid possible leaks or floods during your absence. Don’t leave tracks for thieves: be careful with who you tell about your vacation, both in person and on social media. Ask a neighbor or friend to collect your mail, leave one light on, redirect your landline calls to your cell phone so that people calling you don’t realize no one is home, don’t lower all the shades and don’t fill the fridge if you’re going to leave soon.

Avoid scams with vacation rentals and trips

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In the summer, people usually contract services from travel agencies and touristic rental platforms or reserve a vacation home or apartment for a trip. The rush and the excitement can cause us to miss things, so it’s important to take a series of precautions: check references for travel agencies and real estate agencies, and if you are connected directly to an unknown owner, do not pay anything online. Take screenshots of the reservation if completed online, and keep a copy of any receipts and documents you sign. They are your insurance. As long as you pay online, you should ensure that the conditions of payment are solid, or pay through a platform like Paypal. Review the conditions of your trip or reservation in case you have to cancel. Get travel insurance and have important phone numbers on hand, such as emergency and police numbers or that of the your country’s embassy in your destination country. If you rent a home, look for references of the company or owner (opinions from other users who have stayed) and don’t pay until you get to your destination and see the apartment if you are dealing directly with an owner. If you pay in cash, ask for a receipt.

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