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The best fans on the market

Written by Laura

The heat has come to stay in the capital, and those that don’t get to enjoy air conditioning have no other choice than to get a fan. There are fans of all styles, makes and models. Some are more effective and some, on the other hand, only serve to raise your electricity bill. For this reason, today at ShMadrid we are going to talk about fans, how to use them to their full potential and the best and newest models available now. Are you going to buy a fan? Then don’t miss this article about the best fans on the market.

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Using a fan

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We have all used a fan at some point, but few of us know how to ensure the best performance for the best results. The idea is that it helps to circulate air and refresh a space. One of the most important things to keep in mind is the best location to place it to get the best air flow. Ideally, put it in front of windows and doors, so as to circulate the air and keep it from concentrating in one area of the house. It’s also important for the fan not to be blocked by things that inhibit the air flow. Place it in wide open spaces that are free of objects and away from the wall. To place the fan in front of a window and continue the air flow towards the inside of the house, place the fan in front of the window with the motor facing the window and the fan blades towards the inside of the room.

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The best on the market

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There are various types of fans: floor fans, tabletop fans, ones for the roof and wall. Generally, fans for your home are less strong than industrial fans, which are often utilized for other uses related to conditioning a space. You can also find domestic fans on the market with and without blades. Firstly, we will talk about the models with the best reviews on the market. For example, the Dyson Cool fan – this home electronic does not have blades, making it silent. However, as opposed to other fans without blades, it has a lot of power, something that a lot of products lack. Its avant-garde design, which uses a remote control, can be programmed to turn off and on easily, and it is also easy to clean. There are various models, including some with air-purifying functions, making it one of the most versatile and healthy home electronics on the market, even more than air conditioning. Yes, the price is high, with the simplest exceeding 300 euros.

Referring to fans with classic blades, we recommend the Ventilador de Pie Turbo Silence Extreme de Rowenta, a high-strength floor fan with five levels of velocity and little noise, ideal for refreshing spacious rooms. The price is more reasonable, closer to 80 euros. Lastly, we present an affordable model that is strong, quiet and compact. Honeywell HT 900E  is a tabletop fan that can be placed anywhere, but is very powerful for its size. At 60 euros, it’s reasonably priced.

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