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How much does it cost to visit Madrid’s Warner parks?

Written by Paula

Warner has two parks in Madrid. One is called Parque Warner Madrid, a great place to spend time with friends or family, a theme park where you will be able to go on a number of rides, which are divided into 3 categories: mild, moderate and intense. The other is a California-inspired park which is dedicated to water rides and is called Parque Warner Beach. If you are planning on diving into a day of fun at one of these parks, here is what you need to know before going.

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How much does it cost to visit each of the parks?

Photo by Dariogsp via Wikimedia Commons

Parque Warner Madrid is one of those attractions where it pays off to buy tickets beforehand, online. Not only will you be able to skip the lines at the ticket booth, but you will also save a good amount of money. The regular ticket (for those who are over 140cm) costs 39,90€ when bought at the ticket office, costing only 25,90€ if bought online! The junior ticket (for those over 100cm) and the senior ticket cost 29,90€ if bought at the venue and 25,90€ if bought online. Members of large families with the proper documentation and people with over 33% degree of handicap will pay 25,90€, regardless of their tickets being bought at the ticket booth or online. Children who are shorter than 100cm go in for free. There is an extra fee of 4,90€ associated to Horror West Pasaje de Terror, but this can only be purchased at the venue.

If you prefer to buy a ticket for only half a day, you can choose the afternoon ticket, which costs 31€ for those who are taller than 140cm and 21€ for those who are taller than 100cm. Bare in mind that this ticket only allows you to enter the park after 5 pm and can only be bought directly at the park.

Photo via Pixabay

In what regards Parque Warner Beach, you will pay 18€ for a regular ticket. Children pay 16€, as do adult members of large families with the proper documentation, and senior citizens. Children from large families have a 1€ discount, paying 15€ each. People with a handicap degree higher than 33% also pay 15€.

You can also buy a Zona Vip ticket, which costs 80€ and is valid for 2 people. This ticket gives you access to the VIP area of the park, which is located at the Malibu Beach peer. There, you will be served by waiters, who will bring you drinks and at certain times of the day, food. You will also have access to towels, beach chairs, and a locker to leave your things at. Even if you don’t buy the VIP ticket, you can still have access to towels and lockers, for 5€ each.

If you want to experience all that the Warner world has to offer, you have the option of buying a ticket for both of the parks. A regular double ticket for one day costs 55,90€ per person if you plan to visit between Tuesday and Friday. If you want to vsit the parks on a Saturday, you will pay 58,90€, and on Sunday, 56,90€. You should always take a look at the prices on the calendar before buying your tickets, because sometimes there are discounted prices, like 54,90€ for both of the tickets on a Friday. A ticket for a two-day visit will cost you a little bit more: 60,90€ during the week, 63,90€ on a Saturday, and 61,90€ on a Sunday.

A junior ticket for 1 day costs 45,90€ during the week, 48,90€ on a Saturday, and 46,90€ on Sunday. A two-day visit costs 50,90€ during the week, 53,90€ on a Saturday, and 51,90€ on Sunday.

For more price options for the combined ticket, click here.

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What are the parks’ working hours?

Photo by Roller Coaster Philosophy via Visualhunt

Parque Warner Madrid’s working hours change throughout the year. During July and August, the park is open from 11:30 am to 12 am. In September, the park is open only until 10 pm, except for Saturdays, when it remains open until 12 am. For a complete schedule, click here.

Parque Warner Beach is open from 12 pm to 8 pm during the summer.

How can I get to the parks?

Both Parque Warner Madrid and Parque Warner Beach are located at Carretera A-4, exit 22, at San Martín de la Vega. If you are taking public transportation to get there, you can use the train and exit at Pinto (line C3) and from there take bus number 413 from La Veloz, which will drop you off at the parks’ entrance. You can also take bus 412, at Villaverde Bajo, or take the Mendez bus from the South Station of Méndez Álvaro. If you want, you can even buy your ticket to the parks together with your ticket for the Mendez bus. For more information click here.

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