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Fun Workshops in Madrid

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Written by Paula

Madrid has a lot of exciting activities which you can take part in, catering to all tastes and people of all ages. If you feel like getting active while also acquiring new skills in the process, consider taking a workshop.

Workshops have the advantage of being short, intensive classes which allow people who don’t have available to take monthly courses to still be able to learn about the topic of their interest. ShMadrid knows a few places for you to enjoy a fun workshop.

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Where to go for a fun workshop

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XpresArte is a small painting studio located in the heart of Madrid, which offers everyone the chance to feel like an artist for a day. In this workshop, students will be able to let their creativity spill into the canvas, painting one of the works by their favorite artist, which they will be able to take home with them at the end of the class.

The XpresArte workshops last three hours and it is priced at 35€ for adults and 20€ for children. XpresArte is located at Calle Mayor, 6 in the neighbourhood of Sol.

Taller Puntera

If you are interested in the world of sewingTaller Puntera is the place for you. This well-lit, charismatic venue is both a store and a place where people can take classes. Taller Puntera offers workshops that change periodically, offering students the opportunity to learn the basic sewing techniques, patterning, sandal-making and more.

The price of the workshops depends on the duration of each one, but they usually start at 80€ per person. The workshops take place at Plaza Conde de Barajas, 4 in the district of Centro.

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pasta and tomatoes

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There are a number of cooking workshops offered in Madrid, which means it can be hard to choose where to take your lessons. We recommend Apetit’Oh!, a delightful school create by two women who fell in love with the world of cooking and decided to share their passion with others.

They offer many different cooking workshops:

  • a beginner’s class, for those who want to learn the basics
  • a tasting class which also involves cooking
  • a class for people who already have experience cooking, but want to perfect their skills
  • an authentic Spanish food course
  • a course for kids
  • others classes that focus on specific types of food like sushi, Italian food, risottos, desserts, etc.

Prices range from 25€ to 30€ for one single class but the school also offers students the possibility to buy their classes in a pack, which makes each class cheaper. Apetit’Oh! is located at Calle Garibay, 6, in the neighbourhood of Adelfas.

Dancing Boulevard

If you are looking for a workshop to go with your friends as part of a birthday or bachelorette party, then why not go with something that will get your body moving? Dancing Boulevard offers a variety of fun dance workshops for people of all ages, some including fun makeup and dress up sessions.

Dancing Boulevard is located in the neighbourhood of Canillas, at Calle Andorra, 65

Which workshop have you done lately? Was it fun?

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