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Where to study Tai Chi in Madrid

Written by Paula

Tai Chi is considered to be both a martial art, used for personal defense and for combat, with a non-aggressive philosophy, and also as a form of full body meditation. It may be strange to think that this Chinese practice can be used to clear the mind but the truth is that the movements involved in each Tai Chi routine are so intricate and have to be performed in such a precise way that it is hard to focus on anything else while in class. Tai Chi is considered more of an internal martial art, which means that the spiritual and mental aspects are of higher importance than in regular forms of martial arts.

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What are the benefits of practicing Tai Chi?

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Other than helping you declutter your mind, at least for the duration of the class, Tai Chi offers benefits such as the improvement you balance, the reduction of stress, the boosting of your self-confidence, the increasing of your strength and endurance, and the improvement of your overall cardiovascular fitness.


In general, Tai Chi is a very safe practice, which can be done by people of all ages, greatly improving the health of senior citizens, by helping them to increase their mobility. There are certain moments which are not ideal for Tai Chi practice though, such as when you have a full stomach, when you are recovering from an infection, when you feel too tired or weak.

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Where can you practice Tai Chi in Madrid?

Escuela superior de Chikungtaichi Haoqing Liu

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Founded by Master Haoqing Liu, who came to Spain in 1985 to promote and develop Tai ChiEscuela superior de Chikungtaichi Haoqing Liu is an organization dedicated to the teaching of this noble martial art, as well as the teaching of Qi Gong. Through their classes, the teachers mean to help people improve the students’ health and quality of life. They offer private classes, group classes, intensive classes, online courses, classes for companies, classes for disabled people, and a variety of seminars and events.

Location: Calle Modesto Lafuente, 10

Centro Wutang Madrid

Centro Wutang Madrid was created by Luis Cartolano, Angel Martín, Sergio Mazzini y Maria Aparicio, who had previously been teaching this martial art in various venues across the city. Their new center is dedicated to the teaching of Hun Yuan Nei Qong, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung and meditation. They teach a variety of styles of Tai Chi, including Chen Style, Xingy Chuan, and Chen Xin Yi Hun Yuan.

Location: Calle Zabaleta, 30

Shaolin Cultural Center

The Shaolin Cultural Center Spain is a traditional Shaolin Cultural Center and also a martial arts school which was founded by Master Bruno Tombolato, a disciple of the 32nd generation of the Shaolin Temple. The center works frequently with Master Shi De Yang, a 31st generation monk for the Shaolin Temple in china, considered as one of the best teachers of Shaolin combat worldwide. The center offers Kung Fu, Chi Kung, and Tai Chi classes.

Location: Calle Julia Debot, 3

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