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Meditation in Madrid

Written by Miguel

Have you ever tried meditating? Most people immediately associate this practice with religion and spirituality, and some dismiss it because of it. In reality, though, meditation is nothing more than a relaxation technique that benefits both the body and the mind.

While it is part of various religious and spiritual traditions, it is not exclusive to them. Nowadays, due to the unavoidable stress of the modern times, more and more people practice not only stand-alone meditation but also other forms of exercise that include it, with the most famous amongst those being yoga.

If you’re looking to take a relaxing break in Madrid, there are plenty of places where you can get your meditation on – let ShMadrid show you where.

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Where to go for your meditation and relaxation


female in white meditating

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With two meditation centres in Madrid, Kadampa is a great choice for those who are just starting out, offering initiation classes where you can learn all the basic meditation techniques.

If you’re interested in learning more about Buddhism, they also teach classes and workshops on the religion and its practices.

A constant in both basic meditation classes and more Buddhism-oriented sessions is the use of mindfulness, a modern technique that allows people to be fully present in every moment, improving concentration and reducing anxiety.

The centres are at Calle de Manuela Malasaña, 26 (in the neighbourhood of Malasaña) or Calle Fábrica, 8 (just outside Fuencarral-El Pardo)

Yoga Center Madrid

Located in the Recoletos neighbourhood, in the Salamanca district, Yoga Center Madrid is another great option for those looking to kick stress to the curb. There, you can try 4 different forms of meditation – stand-alone, mindfulness (both of these with no spiritual strings attached), traditional yoga and Buddhist.

In addition, they also organize summer yoga retreats in some of the most beautiful and peaceful places in Spain. The centre is at Calle de Serrano, 6, 4 bajo.

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The Art of Living

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An ONG founded by Indian spiritual leader Ravi Shankar, The Art of Living is dedicated to promoting a happy and healthy lifestyle based on personal development.

Combining mystic traditions with modern knowledge, they offer both yoga and meditation classes in Madrid, as well as a wide variety of self-help courses and workshops.

The Art of Living is at Calle Eugenio 5, Bajo in the neighbourhood of Almenara.

There you have it – 3 great places where you can start learning and practicing meditation right away. Please note that while some of the places mentioned offer both, we focused specifically on meditation and not on yoga. If you’re more interested in practicing yoga, there are many more places in Madrid where you can do it.

What is your favourite center in Madrid for meditation?

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