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Getting a Pedicure in Madrid

Written by Daniella

Everyone likes to feel and look good, and now that summer has arrived, you also like to show a little, or a lot, more skin, which makes it the ideal time to get your body ready. Parts of your body that you sometimes tend to forget, are your feet. Having been covered throughout the whole winter period, they now need some TLC, especially when you have a closet full of sandals. Visiting the pedicure is a good idea to get your feet back in shape, and it also makes your nails look pretty. That is why this article by ShMadrid will tell you more about the best places in the capital to have a pedicure.

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Have a pedicure at any of these salons in the capital

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The first salon we would like to recommend for your pedicure in Madrid, is Mi Calle de Nueva York, a luxurious aesthetic centre located at Carrer Barquillo 39. You will find a multitude of pedicure packs here, like ‘La Express’, the express manicure that will save you from a complete panic, when it comes to your nails. In a short amount of time they will provide necessary hydration for your hands and feet, reshape your nails, and apply the lacquer of your choice. If you prefer more of a spa treatment, you can opt for the pack ‘La Lujosa’, which consists of a detox, nourishment and hydration treatment, which is perfect for luxury and comfort lovers. You will bathe your feet in sea salt enriched water, with minerals that enhance a purifying effect. The feet appear rehydrated and regenerated. In addition, they exfoliate and smoothen the skin of your feet, activate circulation with a massage and apply a Dead Sea mud mask, which is rich in minerals and has exceptional therapeutic qualities with ingredients like: apricot oil, apple peptide, shea butter and vitamin A. You’ll have perfectly moisturized feet and they will feel completely different after the treatment. Another salon is Nails & Co, located at Carrer Claudio Coello 76, Lower floor on the left. (Corner of Ortega and Gasset).

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Photo via Pixabay

They also offer different packages at Nails & Co, depending on what fits your specific needs. For example, to get your nails and feet in shape, you can choose the Basic Pedicure, which consists of a foot bath in a bubbling jacuzzi with hot water with antifungal properties. The nails are then cut, filed and polished. Calluses and corns are removed by softening them and using a pedicure lathe. Afterwards, ingrown nails will be treated, and your feet will enjoy a peeling with an exfoliating cream, composed of sugars and oil, that takes care of dead cells and leaves the skin soft and renewed. A moisturizing cream is applied and then you can relax during the massage. The basic pedicure pack also includes a protective and hardening base coat and a shiny top coat. The last salon we can recommend is Nenha, which offers a complete, 60-minute pedicure for €45. The pedicure pack begins with the treatment of any calluses, then your feet will be exfoliated, followed by a deep hydration and moisturizing treatment, that will make your feet feel like new again. Ingrown toenails will be checked and cuticles will also be treated, to remove any dead skin. And to end the treatment, your toe nails will be polished in your favourite colour, which is the perfect ending of your appointment at a pedicure salon in Madrid.

Have you visited any of these salons? Any recommendations?

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