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The Best Cinemas in Madrid You Should Visit

exterior of cine dore in madrid
Written by Allison

Over the past few years, Spanish cinema has begun to earn a more mainstream following. This is happening partly due to the number of directors and actors who have become instantly recognizable around the world.

Watching a Spanish film provides you with a superb way of getting to know more about the country, its people and its culture. For those interested in Spain’s art, a visit to the cinema will prove to be an amazing experience.

Below ShMadrid shares a short list of what the team considers to be the best cinemas in Madrid.

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Enjoy a good movie at Madrid’s best cinemas

Callao City Lights

exterior of Callao City Lights

Photo via Pixabay

This cinema was built in 1926 in the neighbourhood of Trafalgar.

Whilst Callao City Lights isn’t the most luxurious you’ll find its atmosphere attractive. Built and decorated in the art deco style this adds even more to the charm of what is a very majestic structure.

But what makes it stand out from the rest of the cinemas in Madrid is that it likes to show reruns of classic movies. As the seats aren’t numbered the queues before each showing tend to be quite long. This is because everybody wants to get the best seat possible.

Plus there is also a terrace where in the summer movies can be shown outdoors.


You’ll find this one in the centre of the city in the area known as Gran Via. Capitol is one of Madrid’s most iconic cinemas and has been showing films here since 1933.

Along with showing mainstream films, it also likes to show more unique ones, plus concerts, operas and even sporting events and documentaries.

Cine Doré

As well as showing films in Spanish, Cine Doré also likes to show English, French, German and Italian ones as well. Here films in their original language (VOSE) come with subtitles. So if you want to see the latest blockbuster in English it is possible.

This historic cinema in the neighbourhood of Lavapiés looks amazing both inside and out. The lush interior will ensure that you have a comfortable time whilst watching a film.

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entrance of Cine Renoir Madrid

Photo via Pixabay

Like Cine Doré, Renoir enables you to see films in your native language if you wish. There are actually 3 of these cinemas situated in the city, the most famous of the three being Princesa.

As you can imagine this one can get quite busy, so it might worth visiting either El Retiro or the one in Plaza de España. As all foreign language films come with Spanish subtitles it offers you the opportunity to practice your language skills.

Cineteca Madrid

You’ll find this particular cinema in Matadero de Madrid, which is the site of one of the city’s best markets. Its claim to fame is that Cineteca is the only cinema in Spain that will show only non-fiction productions, its aim here to promote alternative and independent cinema.

But it is much more than a cinema, as it also holds various cultural events in its rooms. Unlike the other cinemas we list, this one allows you to watch films for free. It is worth keeping an eye on their calendar as they often show reruns of classic Spanish movies.

What is your favourite cinema in Madrid and why?

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Allison is a writer who has spent a number of years traveling around Europe before deciding to make Spain she home. Since then, she has spent a lot of time enjoying all that the city of Madrid has to offer.

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