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Cinemas in Madrid

Written by damien

Like any other major city in the world Madrid has its fair share of cinema lovers. The Spanish film industry is fairly active bubbling close to the surface offering locally produced movies providing a slant into life in Spain during its rich history as well as exciting present. A wide choice of classic Spanish films are usually always on the programme at the Cine Doré. The Cine Doré, situated in the centre of Madrid, acts as a showcase for the Filmoteca (the Spanish national film library).

In addition to the locally produced fare, the city hosts more than a dozen luxury cinemas are open seven days a week showing all the latest movies from around the world.

Visitors to the city with some time to kill can always pass and enjoyable evening at the cinema. However before they can investigate the cinema scene in the city, they need to put a roof over their heads. And the best place to find that roof and all that goes with it is at the offices of ShMadrid, who will be guaranteed to have a wide choice of affordable Madrid apartments for rent at their disposal.

Once the issue of accommodation has been sorted out then newcomers to the city can begin to truly explore its treasures including to pass some of their leisure time at the cinema. Unless the new visitor speaks pretty fluent Spanish then they will have to take extra trouble to find cinemas that show films in the original language, as the Spanish film distributors make extensive use of dubbing technologies instead of printing subtitles on imported movies. That means extra care and attention has to be made when searching for a movie to go and see that the letters “versión original” or usually more prominently placed (V.O.), is displayed meaning that the film will be likely be showing in English or at least in the language in which it was originally produced.

At any time they can be up to eleven cinemas open in Madrid showing films in their original language. These cinemas are located around different parts of the city. For the experience alone is always worth taking in movie at Madrid’s Premier cinema. the Gran Via, situated on the street of the same name in the very center of Madrid.

So the good news is that it doesn’t mean that movie lovers moving to Madrid will have to forsake an occasional evening at the cinema, and can enjoy all the latest films in the native language more or less at the same time as they are also showing in the cinema in their home town.

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