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Decoration Tips to Successfully Rent your Apartment Out

Written by damien

People look for flats that can offer them comfort. A decorated flat will have more people interested in renting, than those which are empty. Therefore, decorating a flat before renting it is a great idea, not only attracting more customers, but also allowing you to raise the rental cost.

Five tips to help you get your apartment to the next level


New flooring will rejuvenate any building. Replacing old tiles with new tiles is an expensive task, but the result that it gives is great. A new theme can be applied while selecting tiles. Anti-skid tiles can be used in bathrooms.


Good paint will change the overall appearance of your flat. Utmost care should be taken while selecting paints. A wrong selection of paint may ruin the lively appearance of the building. Washable paints are always a good choice.

Curtain works

Changing the old curtains is a good way to rejuvenate the room. The color of the curtains should match the color of the wall and floor. Light color curtains will bring more brightness to the room.

Wall decoration

The walls of the flat can be decorated with photo frames or paintings. A good painting can bring an elegance feel to a room.


The right amount of light in the right place can change the way that any apartment looks. Nowadays, lamps which consume less energy like LED lamps are available in the market. Renters prefer a well-lit home to a dark one.


decorationShMadrid offers long term rentals in Madrid, Spain. A visit to the company’s official website can give you a good idea of how rental flats are being decorated. ShMadrid offers solutions for your apartment and villa needs, whether it is for vacation rental, monthly rental or yearly rental.

Dare to redecorate the flat you are about to make available to rent. Do your research, calculate your budget and the time the process of redecoration will take. The expense should be as low as possible, but you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the material used.

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