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Jiu-jitsu classes in Madrid

Written by Miguel

If you’re staying in Madrid and looking for a physical activity to occupy your free time and keep you in shape, why not try a martial arts class? Not only they keep your body healthy, martial arts also offer immense benefits when it comes to the mind – they are a great way to release stress and improve focus and concentration.

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Jiu-jitsu: The art of defeating a samurai

Photo via Pixabay

Photo via Pixabay

The basic objective of jiu-jitsu techniques is using the opponent’s force against himself, rather than using your own. It is a martial art with a true underdog mentality – it was created as a way of defeating armed and armored opponents, more specifically the samurai of feudal Japan, without the use of weapons. To achieve that goal, it uses a varied mix of throws, pins and joint locks.

Eventually, the art became popular and migrated to other countries, most notably Brazil, from where Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), an adaptation pioneered by the famous Gracie family, rose to become the most commonly practiced form of jiu-jitsu around the world. Nowadays, BJJ is taught in gyms everywhere to people of all ages and is the main fighting style of many prominent MMA competitors.

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Learn jiu-jitsu in Madrid

Checkmat BJJ MadridA successful Brazilian jiu-jitsu team led by Leo Vieira, Checkmat seeks to bring its valuable expertise to the capital of Spain.  With experienced teachers and a guiding philosophy that views jiu-jitsu as a lifestyle with a core set of honourable principles, it welcomes men, women and children of all ages. Their classes will focus on improving your physical condition, boosting your confidence and self-esteem, training your patience and discipline and, most importantly, making sure you have a lot of fun learning jiu-jitsu.

Address: Calle Alcalde López Casero, 13B.

IAMThis institute offers several different martial arts classes, including judo, personal defense, capoeira, krav maga, grappling and, of course, jiu-jitsu. Having hosted seminars by Rorion Gracie, it’s one of the best and most prestigious places in Madrid to learn BJJ.

Address: Plaza de Remondo, 1.

Photo by Daniel Kulinski via Visualhunt

Photo by Daniel Kulinski via Visualhunt

Lotus Club BJJ MadridRepresenting the renowned BJJ school started by Moisés Muradi, Lotus Club Madrid is led by jiu-jitsu master Sri Batista and also offers complete courses in other martial arts, such as boxing and muay thai. With classes for practicioners of all genders, ages and skill levels (even active competitors), it seeks to give each student a personalized experience that will help them achieve their personal goals more effectively.

Address: Calle Aravaca, 7.

There you go! Now there’s nothing stopping you from becoming a master in Brazilian jiu-jitsu during your stay in Madrid. When are you starting? Let us know all about your experience using the comment box below. Have fun!

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