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Heated Swimming Pools in Madrid

Written by Daniella

Swimming is one of the best physical activities to keep in shape, and in a smooth way as well, to avoid injuries. It is suitable for many types of profiles, for children, adults and also seniors. Back problems can also be solved or improved thanks to this sport, without even taking the psychological benefits of swimming into account, as with any sport. Relaxation and calmness is added by the peace that you experience by concentrating on movements under water, and you can feel the disconnection at the moment of swimming itself. And for those who like to swim any time of the year, ShMadrid will tell you all about some of the heated swimming pools that you can find in the capital.

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Keep swimming all year round

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Swimming is one of the best ideas, if you want to do a soft sport and minimize the risk of injury, although depending on the intensity of the training, it can still become a high intensity exercise. The benefits of this sport are extensive and not only limited to the physical body, since your mood is also positively affected by practicing this sport. Swimming improves lung and cardiovascular capacity, as it promotes resistance and efficiency of oxygen consumption. It is also very interesting for flexibility, since many muscles and joints are used at the same time without any significant impact, which also makes it ideal for elderly people or people who are in the process of recovering from certain injuries, and do not want to lose shape. In addition, as indicated above, swimming is beneficial for your mental state as well, since it can improve sleep, due to its sedative effects. It can improve memory and intelligence, because it clears the mind, and helps you to eliminate tension, reduce anxiety, and to have a more positive mood. There are many advantages, as you can see, when it comes to practicing this full body sport, recommended for all types of people and ages. Even babies benefit from contact with water and the bonds that are created with the parents that accompany them during this wet activity.

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There are many swimming pools in Madrid, especially municipal ones. The heated ones, on the other hand, are found in gyms, as they are normally used for swimming laps, except for those that belong to wellness complexes and spas, which have a more playful and therapeutic function. You will find two heated swimming pools at the Municipal Sports Center of Aluche, as well as two outdoor swimming pools, one large pool and one children’s pool. You can also consider the heated pool at the Alfredo Goyeneche Sports Center. You will find excellent facilities to practice your swimming here. Finally, we recommend the pool at the Municipal Sports Center of Daóiz y Velarde. You can enjoy a heated pool here, right in the center of the capital.

Whicht heated pool in Madrid would you recommend?

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