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Gyms in Madrid

Written by Daniella

Practicing sports regularly is better, and people are very aware of the advantages and benefits that practicing a physical activity contributes to our state of health. We can do sports out on the street, like running or cycling, for example. These sports are often practiced for diverse reasons, but mostly because it is an outside activity, and it costs nothing. But the truth is that, among other things, paying to access the facilities of a gym can be very useful for certain profiles, such as people who need an instructor, people who prefer to participate in organized classes, people who prefer to play sports with certain exercise equipment that you do not have at home (elliptical, rowing, and other fitness machines), or people who want to practice swimming, for example. Today, ShMadrid will tell you more about gyms in the capital.

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Practice sports in the capital

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Practicing sports is a very healthy activity for body and mind. It is recommended by doctors, dieticians and psychologists, because doing sports helps our body to function better, to lose weight, to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure, to release hormones like endorphins, to improve our mood and to sleep better. In short, it is a long list proving that sports should be part of your (daily) routine. Ideally, physical activity should be matched with your abilities, your age, your needs and your preferences. There is a great variety of exercises to get healthier, from something as simple and free as walking, to running and cycling. But sometimes you need to resort to a gym to practice the sport that you like or that will satisfy your needs. There are many gyms in the capital of Spain, and today we offer you the following three suggestions, that may not only get you back into shape, but may also give you much pleasure.

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The first recommendation for a gym in Madrid is Basic-Fit, with 24 gyms in the capital. These gyms have different rates, depending on the services you want to hire. You can enroll at Basic-Fit from 19.99 euros per month, and here you can practice fitness, both with an instructor and a personalized routine or without, but you can also take part in guided classes. Another suggestion for a gym in Madrid is Gymage Lounge Resort, a new gym concept, where you can also enjoy a terrace, restaurant, cafeteria, solarium and, in addition, a hairdresser, theater, laser hair removal services or sunbeds. In short, it is more of a resort where you can take care of yourself to feel better, both on the inside and out. Finally, we recommend City Fit gyms. These gyms are designed for the whole family. Here you can do Zumba classes, boxing, Crossfit, Indoor Cycling, Jiu Jitsu, Pilates and yoga. They also have a sauna, personal trainer and advice on dietetics and nutrition. If you want to improve your health and your life in general, remember that practicing sports frequently is essential to achieve your goals and get a better lifestyle.

Which gym in Madrid do you enjoy most?

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