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Where to play golf in Madrid

Written by damien

The city of Madrid is situated in the heart of the Castillian plain 650 meters above sea level. That makes the capital city of Spain an ideal location for golf courses of which there are more than twenty scattered around the outskirts of Madrid, where some of the greatest European golfers have omitted from, with the most famous undoubtedly being the late and legendary Severiano Ballesteros.

For someone who is considering moving to Madrid and enjoys a round of golf or two or is interested in learning how to pick up the basics of the game then, the opportunities are endless. However before they can test the many varieties of courses that the city of Madrid has to offer its residents, it’s a better idea to put down a few roots first , and that means finding somewhere to live during the duration of their stay in the city. No matter how long or short that visit will be, and visit ShMadrid should be high up on the list with a friendly and efficient staff will be happy to discuss and provide an ideal number of alternatives of the best Madrid apartments for rent.

Once the problem of accommodation has been taking care of then the experienced or beginning golfer can set out to investigate what the city of Madrid has to offer. To begin with, it may be an idea to contact the local golfing society, the Federación Madrileña de Golf which understandably is the largest in Spain all to 100,000 members. The Federación staff speak a variety of European languages and will be able to advise golfers on which of the best courses to play on, depending on their handicap.

For beginners to the world of golf,  the Federación Madrileña will be happy to advise on which course of learning may best suit, with the addition lessons taking place both in either open or roofed courts until the beginning golfer has gathered enough experience to play in the field. Even experienced golfers can be found playing in the roofed courts situated around the center of Madrid, who go there every few days to hit a few balls, to keep the for the weekend sessions,

Most of the people who live in Madrid and play golf regularly find it a worthwhile exercise to join a private club, although most of the leading ones over fairly long waiting list. Temporary residents to the city who have some time on your hands and can play midweek make able to play a round or two during these off- peak days, or if they are fortunate enough to find someone who can sponsor their membership application, then they will be able to play during the busy weekends.

It’s a well-known fact that for most golfing lovers, the social aspects of the game are as important as the game itself. Newcomers to Madrid who want to get to know people of power and influence will make a determined effort to join a prestige golf club where they can get to rub shoulders with people of a similar mind who can help them both socially and in the business world.

Those who just want to play golf for fun and colourful politely the considerable fees to join a private club may find that some of the city’s public courses suitable to a tee. These courses are not only well looked after but also are considerably less expensive than the private clubs.

Whatever way it works for you, playing golf in Madrid is accessible to anyone in the city both veterans and newcomers and is guaranteed to be an enjoyable experience.

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