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Brazilian Restaurants in Madrid

brazilian meat on a stick
Written by Laurence

It might be the upcoming Olympic games, it might be the promise of the impending summer, but Brazil seems quite the country of the moment! If you’re in a festive mood and wanting to down a Caipirinha, or hungry for mouthwatering meats, prepared the way only the Brazilians can, you’ll find plenty of choice in Madrid.

A plethora of Brazilian restaurants exits in Madrid, and if you ask around, you’ll find some great local knowledge of the Brazilian restaurant scene.

ShMadrid has done that for you in this blog article, and here are a few of the Brazilian restaurants in Madrid which come out on top.

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Enjoy dinner at Madrid’s best Brazilian restaurants

Baby Beef Rubaiyat

brazilian food with rice

Photo via Pixabay

Baby Beef Rubaiyat is Madrid’s heaven for carnivores. Firmly established as one of Madrid’s finest steak houses, all the meat at this Brazilian favourite is free-range and imported directly from the Rubiyat cattle ranch in Brazil.

Hand grilled over charcoal in the traditional Brazilian method, a steak here will take your breath away and melt like velvet in your mouth.

Although steaks have made this restaurant famous, the menu doesn’t begin and end just with big hunks of meat – freshly grilled fish and Brazilian bean salads will round out a perfect evening.

Location: Calle Juan Ramón Jiménez, 37 (in the neighbourhood of Nueva España)

Vila Brazil

Located in the northeast of the Madrid city centre, Vila Brazil is a popular and charming Brazilian restaurant, specializing, of course, in fine grilled meats, but also offering other surprising options, such as a completely vegetarian menu.

brazilian pastry

Photo via Pixabay

Specialties include farofa (kind of toasted cornbread), and plenty of rice and bean dishes. Check out their set menus, which offer great value, and they have a fantastic “menú del diá” – a complete lunch menu for €10.95.

Location: Calle Puenteareas, 1 (in the neighbourhood of Prosperidad)

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Gastromaquia is not a typical Brazilian restaurant, but it makes this list because of its innovative blending of Spanish and Brazilians cuisines. Essentially a tapas bar, renowned chef Ivan Sánchez aims to present Brazilian inspired morsels in Spanish tapas form.

Try Brazilian classics such as pastel – thin pastry pockets filled with ground meats, cream cheese or shrimps, and lightly fried. Or for the more adventurous, try the tapas of braised octopus with potato foam.

Location: Calle Pelayo, 8 (in the neighbourhood of Chueca)

Do you like Brazilian food? Where do you go for a Brazilian meal?

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Laurence is an Australian expat, who has been living in Europe for about 10 years.

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