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Where To Buy The Best Chocolate In Madrid

Written by Brian S.

Chocolate is a food that has become fundamental for most people, taking it with moderation, giving us energy and making us feel better in downtimes. Even though, as in every food, it is not good to eat too much of, chocolate has many positive effects on the body. According to researchers at the University Hospital of Cologne in Germany, the consumption of about 30 calories of chocolate a day produces positive effects on blood pressure, so eating a bit of chocolate is not a total harm to our health. From ShMadrid, here are some suggestions to some shops where you can buy the best chocolate in Madrid.

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Cacao Sampaka

Photo by snowpea&bokchoi on Visualhunt / CC BY

It is one of the most important chocolate stores in the world, with stores in Barcelona, Valencia, and here in Madrid, as well as in Saudi Arabia and Japan. Cacao Sampaka is a chocolate shop where they engage in all of the elaborations with the choice of cocoa pods without using preservatives or dyes to obtain the best natural chocolate taste in their products. Here, you will find a wide variety of products, such as different chocolates, thematic boxes, jams, and ice cream among others. This includes white chocolate with hibiscus and mint, Gaudí tablets of black chocolate with Ibiza salt, gin & tonic, roses & strawberries, and spicy lime, an assortment of dark and milk chocolates filled with pralines with spices, and a wide collection of chocolates from different parts of the world. It also has a space dedicated to chocolate tasting while also drinking a cup of coffee and – obviously – hot cocoa.

Address: Calle Orellana, 4 (5 minutes from Alonso Martinez on Lines 4, 5, and 10 of the Madrid metro)

Moulin Chocolat

Moulin Chocolat is a bakery that specializes in chocolate, some of the best in Madrid. Their chocolates are exquisite, although they also include other sweets such as macaroons of different flavors, cakes, and cupcakes, as well as other bakery products. This French bakery is very close to Buen Retiro Park, a fantastic place to sit and take in the sweetness in such a central setting in Madrid.

Address: Calle de Alcalá, 77 (Line 2 of Retiro of the Madrid subway)

Oriol Balaguer

Photo via Pixabay

Considered one of the best bakers in the world, Oriol Balaguer has won countless awards including Best Gourmet Shop in Madrid in 2008, Best Confectioner of Catalonia in 2003, and the Best Butter Croissant Craftsman of Spain in 2014. Among the goodies here you can find, look at their cakes, desserts, ice cream, pastries, and varies types of chocolates. Oriol Balaguer stands out for their chocolates, unique Easter eggs, caramelized hazelnuts with milk chocolate, and chocolates that come from different countries such as Venezuela and Ghana. Here, you can buy the best chocolates in the city made by hand of one of the best confectioners for a luxurious experience without equal.

Address: Calle José Ortega y Gasset, 44 (Metro Line 4 of Lista) 

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Mon Chocolate

Photo via Pixabay

Since it opened a decade ago in Madrid located in the district of Chamberí, Mon Chocolate has become a shop specializing in chocolates from around the world, where we can find elaborations from countries like Brazil, Ivory Coast, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ghana, Madagascar, Peru, and Uganda. At Mon Chocolate, find the best chocolates from the best brands in the market, such as Torras, Simón Coll, Chocolate Amatller, Carletti, Cachet, and Valor. Truffles, Belgian chocolates, cat tongues, and several sugar-free chocolates are some of the things you can buy in this high-quality chocolate shop.

Address: Lucio del Valle, 12, (Line 7 of Madrid Metro, Islas Filipinas or Canal)

Have you already decided which chocolate shop you will visit first? Tell us which is your favorite chocolate shop in Madrid in the comments!

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