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Peruvian cuisine in Madrid

Written by Carolina

There are three main reasons why Peruvian cuisine is world-famous. Firstly, it is really rich: there are almost five hundred typical Peruvian dishes. Secondly, it is the result of a mixture of different cuisines from around the world: pre-Columbian, Spanish (which, at the time when Spain colonized Peru, was heavily influenced by Arabian cuisine), South African (because of the freed slaves who settled in Peru), Chinese (from the migration waves that the country experienced during the 19th century), and Japanese (from the workers that came from Japan to build railroads in the 20th century). Thirdly, it uses a lot of natural ingredients such as potatoes (there are more than two thousand varieties in the country) and fish (you can find about two thousand different species in its sea and rivers). Moreover, some of these ingredients are native to the country or to its surroundings (tomato, bell pepper, custard apple, achiote…). If you are a big fan of Peruvian food and plan on visiting Madrid, these are some restaurants that will win your heart.


3715238071_eedbcf2d87_zThis restaurant has an informal atmosphere and is great for groups since it has a big capacity. It specializes in ceviche: a dish that is a symbol of Peru and consists of fish or seafood, Mexican lime, and other ingredients such as corn and celery. In Piscomar they serve three kinds of ceviche depending on whether its basic element is fish, seafood, or a mixture o both. Apart from this iconic dish, you can order other typical meals such as tiraditos and conchas.

El Inca 

El Inca has been active since 1973. It was the first Peruvian restaurant in Madrid and it continues to be one of the most recommended. When you enter this elegant and welcoming establishment, you will find yourself transported to the South American country thanks to the decoration, the beautiful instrumental music, and, above everything, thanks to its menu, which consists purely of Peruvian meals from the starters to the desserts.

La Cevicuchería 

15758780727_0457334566_zThis might be the best restaurant to taste ceviche since it is the speciality of the house. The particularity of La Cevicuchería is that you get to pick what ingredients you want on your ceviche so that it fits your tastes perfectly. The menu is divided into three parts: cevichería (ceviche), anticuchería (brochettes and other meat dishes on the grill), and dulcecuchería (classic Peruvian desserts). Furthermore, you can order cocktails and other alcoholic drinks.


If you love haute cuisine you might be already familiar with this name, for it is a restaurant chain founded by worldwide reputed chef Gastón Acurio that has establishments all over the world (in Paris, Lima, Barcelona…). Acurio specializes in Chifa (Chinese-Peruvian cuisine) and Nikkei (Japanese-Peruvian cuisine) so, if you are crazy about Asian and Peruvian food, this is the perfect restaurant for you!

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Carolina is an English Studies graduate, an English teacher, literary translator, bookworm and amateur writer.

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