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Wicked Sweet: Homemade Bakery in Madrid

Written by Allison

When it comes to desserts you’ll often find that choices available are quite staid. There is only so much rice pudding, crème de catalan or flan that you can eat. Okay occasionally you may come across somewhere serving tiramisu or molten chocolate cake. But these tend not to be home made and can often taste quite stale. But luckily for you when you visit Madrid there is a wonderful place you can go to that offers something truly delicious. ShMadrid will tell you the secret of sweet deliciousness.

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Everything homemade at Wicked Sweet

Photo via Pixabay

A few blocks away from the Faro de Moncloa you’ll find a little shop called Wicked Sweet Madrid.

Wicked Sweet Madrid, the Homemade Bakery, is run by a couple of confectionary passionates, that wanted to give an American touch to cookies for all the cookie lovers in Madrid. They have a large range of cookies, cakes, cupcakes and muffins, but also cinnamon rolls and other pastries. Since opening it has now become a favourite spot for many to visit and sample some of the delicious homemade cookies Madrid has to offer.

The shop where you can purchase these cookies is quite small. Yet many who visit choose to while sometime away sitting down with a coffee, tea or freshly squeezed orange juice as they tuck into their cookies. Certainly you won’t come across any other shop that offers such delicious sweets in Madrid as you will here.

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American style cookies

Photo via Pixabay

As you arrive you will see a huge selection of American style cookies on offer for you to enjoy. Some of them seem almost dessert like. These cookies are not too pricey, but most of all, they have a wonderful crispy exterior and soft chewy interior, as is common with American cookies. Every single one of the cookies you see on display is made by hand and without the use of any kind of colouring or preservatives. So not only are they extremely tasty, they are healthy as well. At Wicked Sweet they love to innovate, so of course you can still buy classic milk or white chocolate ones. But they love to produce ones that are totally unique to them. If you have the opportunity try one of their tender heart cookies that uses dulce de leche.

At any time of the year you may want to give one of their cakes a try. There’s a red velvet cake, a cheesecake with dulce the leche, a lovely carrot cake, and a very special Oreo Cookie cake. So when you visit Madrid again, you’ll have something delicious to try every time you go to Wicked Sweet Homemade Bakery.

And do you know what is even more amazing than all the varieties you can choose from each time you set foot into the shop? They are open seven days a week, so you don’t have to skip a day! Opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 9 pm and in the weekends from 10 am to 9 pm. Surely you deserve a little treat every now and then, so remember Wicked Sweet on Guzmán el Bueno 45. If you decide to walk back home or back to your holiday rental apartment, the scale won’t even notice a thing!

Where do you get your favourite cookies?

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