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The Best Chinese Food in Madrid

Written by Laura

Chinese food is a beloved form of Asian cuisine that is enjoyed in cities worldwide, and one that has had great success within Madrid in the international food scene. The boom surrounding Chinese food in Spain began in the ‘90s, and since then Chinese restaurants have popped up in towns and cities all throughout the country. Of course, there are both good and bad things that come with this popularity, and one of  the negatives is the presence of critical ideas regarding Chinese food and the materials used in their restaurants, as some traditional Chinese ingredients vary greatly from other types of international cuisine. For this reason, among others, the quality of Chinese restaurants in the capital is more debated than other foods, and there tend to be a lower levels of clientele to these restaurants. Despite this, there are of course a number of truly fabulous Chinese restaurants in this international city, which is why today in this article from ShMadrid we want to talk about some of the best restaurants in the Spanish capital where you can try this popular cuisine for yourself.  

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The most delicious Chinese restaurants in the capital

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The Chinese kitchen is a rich and versatile gastronomical experience, due in part to its strong cultural ties that are also inherent in traditional Chinese medicine. There are multiple related factors within the combination of flavors that have special relevance to certain types of food. In addition, the main types of flavors, which include sweet, bitter, spicy, acidic and salty, are blended with the intention of introducing healing and mobilizing energies. Traditionally, foods are also classified into feminine or yin foods, which usually include vegetables and fruits rich in water that cool down the body, and masculine or yang foods, which include fried products, meats and spicy foods that warm the body. In any case, finding the right combination of these elements is the key for creating nutritious and balanced foods that help to maintain health within the body.

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Among the most highly-acclaimed Chinese restaurants in Madrid is Restaurante de Sichuan, a restaurant open for speakers of Sichuanese, a dialect of southwestern Mandarin and with a kitchen that incorporates all the tradition of traditional Chinese cuisine. On their menu you can find delicious options such as five-spice roast duck, veal entrails stew, sautéed veal, ban-ban chicken, Chinese black fungus salad, Sichuan-style fermented vegetables and Sichuan-style cold noodles. Another Chinese restaurant option beloved by locals is Shanghai Mama, a restaurant chain that offers a tempting offering of food. Their varied and flavor-packed menu features delicacies such as marinated grilled shrimp kebabs, Mongolian marinated lamb skewers, chicken with Chinese mushrooms, crunchy duck pockets with plum sauce or egg soup with Chinese algae and noodles. Lastly, there is the restaurant Kzen, an excellent Chinese restaurant with a wide array of Asian plates. On top of their lovely menu, Kzen is known for their clean space, beautiful decor and attentive service.

Is there another Chinese restaurant in Madrid that you recommend?

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