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The Best Arab Food in Madrid

Written by Laura

Arab food is one of the most captivating types of international foods. Influenced by multiple cultures, the Arab kitchen is characterized by intense, seasoned flavors, sometimes spicy, sometimes mild but always amazing. There are a number of Arab restaurants in the Spanish capital, but today we want to recommend a few in particular with good reviews so you can be sure to enjoy the Arab kitchen in all its flavorful quality. If you’re a fan of this Middle Eastern cuisine, then don’t miss this article from ShMadrid where we tell you about the best Arab restaurants in the capital.

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Quality Arab cuisine in the capital

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Arab cuisine has two principal characteristics that together create a fabulous mix of flavors. Firstly, there is the influence from the Mediterranean kitchen, mostly due to its geographic proximity and the exchange of markets that has existed for centuries. In addition, the use of vegetables, fresh and dehydrated fruits, lamb, yogurt and aromatic herbs are characteristics of Mediterranean culture that have impacted Arab food. The influence of the Indian and Iranian kitchens have also changed the path of Arab food, similarly to the Mediterranean, through the process of trade and overlapping markets throughout time. The most emblematic aspects of Arab food are curry, sesame, tea, saffron, turmeric, cinnamon, rice, fish, eggplant and pepper. Other countries that make up the Arab kitchen include Spain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Libya, Palestine, Morocco, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia and Algeria.

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Here are some of the Arab restaurants that we want to recommend. Firstly, there is La Libanesa, a restaurant with a glamorous Lebanese environment that is sure to transport you to Middle Eastern lands. This traditional Arab restaurant offers high-quality products cooked according to traditional Arab recipes, and you can find entrees such as hummus, mutabbal (eggplant dip), Warak Enab, salads like Tabouleh or Fattoush and other delicacies such as falafel, kibbeh, meat samosa, shawarma, and veal, chicken and pork skewers. You can find it at Jacometrezo, 15. Another option you can head for is El Califa, a tea-room and restaurant that also offers belly dancing shows. El Califa offers a large variety of teas and hookah that you can enjoy during a relaxing evening with friends. This spot is located in the center of Madrid, at Puerta del Sol. Lastly, we recommend the Aladino restaurant in the capital. This building is designed to have an environment unmistakably similar to an authentic Arab restaurant, with a kitchen that brings together Moroccan and Turkish cuisine beautifully. It’s always recommended that you try a variety of different restaurants in the capital to create your own list of favorites. However, with so many great options, it may be hard to narrow it down to just a few.

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