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How to Sell Your Home in Madrid

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Written by Daniella

Many times, and for as many different reasons, you might consider to move out of and sell your home, especially if you are not making good use of it. Selling a house is not that complicated when you have hired a good real estate agency or know how to do the whole process yourself. That is why it is important to know every little step of the sales process in order for your apartment to sell at the best price and terms.

Today, this article by ShMadrid will focus on a few tips on how to sell your home. If you are considering selling your apartment, don’t miss this article.

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Tips for selling your home

Invest in good advice

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An experienced real estate agent can give you relevant (price) information about similar homes in the area and how to prepare your house for viewings.

A typical approach is walking through the house to observe its characteristics, both the positives and the negatives, but also what needs to be repaired. Then a price will be determined, and depending on repairs or renovations this price can go up, or it will help to sell the property faster.

It is important to really listen to the agency’s feedback and advice, even if it can be hard to hear the negatives about your house. Real estate agents know the real estate market and they know what future owners are looking for in a new home.

Use technology

Some property developers and real estate agencies already use drones, as it can really put a client’s property in a different and better perspective. We live in a time where visuals are everything, and you know that an image (or short film for that matter) says more than a thousand words.

Our eyes work overtime when searching for a property, and your property’s sales advertisement must therefore stay true to reality, not only in text, but also in imagery. Pictures or film footage must represent a property correctly, so make sure they are taken by a professional.

When you have good quality images (in terms of light and orientation), this will automatically lead to your home having more viewings, than if pictures are too dark or bad angles are not showing correct proportions of the rooms in your property, for example.

Prepare documentation

Another essential step in the selling process is checking if you have all the necessary paperwork (like deeds, community certificates, energy certificates, etc.). It is best to do this before publishing an advertisement or putting up the “for sale” sign. Above all, make sure 100% that they are in order.

If you do not meet the requirements, then selling your house will be impossible. And if you start updating documentation while you are already in the process of selling your house, then selling it will be more complex and will result in more paperwork than is necessary.

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The positive effect of Home Staging

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Real estate marketing techniques have developed over the years, and now there is a technique called “Home Staging”. Professional home stagers master the skills of emphasizing the key elements and positive character of your home, and this will definitely affect the process of buying or selling a home.

Home stagers have a few tricks up their sleeves, and some of the basic ones are:

  • Organize and clear your rooms
  • Depersonalize the property that is for sale or rent
  • Present the property with modern features
  • Use appropriate imagery to show the property to future buyers or tenants

Take care of cleanliness

Your home could be a minimalist’s dream, but if there is a layer of dust, this will not go unnoticed during viewings. The house should be clean and tidy, spick and span, and once you have accomplished that, make sure your house smells good.

Bad odours will discourage a potential buyer, even if the house itself is spectacular. Get rid of the scent of your pets and make your house smell lovely: bake a cake or light a few (scented) candles. Don’t overdo it, just make sure the house looks, smells and feels clean and nice. A tidy and organized house will make it easier for buyers or tenants to picture themselves already living there.

Have you sold your house recently? What is your best advice when selling a house?

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