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German Restaurants in Madrid

Written by Laura

German gastronomy is a fairly unknown world within Spain, except, perhaps, when it comes to well known food such as famous Frankfurters. Despite the general lack of attention surrounding the amazing thing that is German food, there are many German restaurants residing in the Spanish capital that are waiting to be discovered. As with all international cuisine, the German kitchen is a source of delicious and nutritious dishes that leave no one indifferent. The food of this country has influence from its neighboring countries, especially Switzerland, Austria, Holland and France, making it a compendium of different cultures, aromas and flavors, whose hallmarks are calorie-heavy and rich dishes that make it easier to order to endure the cold German winters. Today in this article from ShMadrid, we will be talking about the best restaurants in Madrid for German food.

Discover German cuisine in the Spanish capital

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Before we go into the best spots in the city, we’ll be doing an overview of the German diet in order to open up your appetite. When it comes to meats, the most common types used in the German kitchen are pork and veal, although of course they do enjoy other types such as poultry including chicken, goose and turkey. Game meat also has a distinguished place in the German diet, such as wild boar, deer and rabbit. Sausages made with spiced meat and different herbs are especially popular in Germany, among them being traditional German sausages. On the German coast, on the other hand, fish abound, including culinary favorites such as salmon, herring, cod and turbot. The Germans are also seafood aficionados, with lobster and special types of shrimp being the most popular. When it comes to vegetables, Germans prefer peas, generally in the form of stews, soups or as a side to another dish. Potatoes, onions, carrots, spinach, asparagus and turnips are other commonly used veggies in daily dishes. Cabbage, in multiple varieties, is another major resource that have given way to a well-known star dish in German gastronomy – the fermented cabbage salad called sauerkraut. Dairy products and bread are the other pillars of the German diet, contributing to countless foods including special cheeses as well as rye breads and integral grain breads.

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Photo by Joint Base Lewis McChord via VisualHunt

Now to the good stuff. In Madrid, there are a variety of enticing restaurants offering German food for you to choose between. On the list is the well-known Horcher, a restaurant located at the front of Buen Retiro Park that personifies elegance in its truest form. Glamor, excellent cooking and superb service all await you at Horcher. For a more relaxed and casual option where you can drink beer and enjoy delicious sausages and carne asada, check out Cervecería l’Europe, located at Cardenal Cisneros 19. This restaurant offers a wide variety of beers along with satisfying German cuisine. Lastly, the chain restaurant Fassgrill offers a variety of locations and stores with products imported from Germany, for if you want your prepare your dishes directly at home.

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Are you a fan of German food? Have you visited any of these restaurants?

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