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A-List Sandwiches in Madrid

Written by Emily Elwes

If you are looking for the best sandwiches in Madrid, then look no further than this article from ShMadrid. We’ll delve into the must-haves in an A-list of the all-time great sandwiches and then let you in on the little secrets of the best sandwich shops in Madrid. Stop looking for Madrid apartments cheap and saddle up to the nearest great sandwich shop for your fill of great food.

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Madrid’s best bocadillos

Photo via Pixabay

First, it needs to be explained that sandwiches in Spain are a different animal than they are in other countries. Sandwich cuisine has developed its own regional variation and Spain is no different. Since Madrid can be a sweltering sub-tropical vacation spot, as well as most of Spain, most sandwiches, called bocadillos, are simple meat, cheese, and bread. A person born in the country considers sandwiches an English or American invention and their bocadillos are different. Usually, you’ll never find never pickles, tomato, cucumber or mayonnaise on a bocadillo, as these would make the food in this tropical weather. A true bocadillo depends on the region of Spain and usually includes one of the choice Spanish meats such as chorizo, Spanish sausage or ham paired with a rustic loaf and Spanish inspired cheese.

Photo via Pixabay

Now let’s get into the best sandwich shops in Madrid. A national chain, 100 Montaditos has almost cornered the market for easy, fresh and fast and bocadillos in the country, so much so they have rapid expansion plans for the US. Great selection, fresh ingredients, and low prices keep them a contender, and they have locations all throughout Madrid. If you are a foodie on a sandwich mission, then the following local shops all offer something delectable. El Brillante has traditional bocadillos, including their well-known calamari sandwich, and Crumb offers an affordable yet high-end deli-style shop and is said to have some of the best sandwiches in Madrid. Don’t let being in a different country stop you from getting your favorite international sandwiches, either – The Big Banh in Madrid offers banh mis and other Vietnamese delicacies, including Vietnamese-style tapas. There is also La Sanducherie, a sandwich shop with tons of internationally-inspired choices and different bread choices. They also offer delivery if you want to enjoy their delectable sandies at home.

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We hope you enjoy these options for sandwiches in the Spanish capital! Spend some time in great delis and sandwich shops with fresh ingredients and great twists on classic sandwiches and decide for yourself which one has the best sandwiches in Madrid. Happy eating!


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