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Where to Enjoy Churros and Chocolate in Madrid

Written by Laura

Is there anything better on a cold winter day than going out to enjoy hot chocolate with churros? This tasty tradition that seems to be loved by just about everyone is something you can do in Madrid to warm yourself up this season. If you’re from Madrid or have spend a good amount of time in the city, you’ll know that most Madrileños have their favorite churros spot, but there are some locations in particular that we want to highlight for their quality products and fame in the city. If you haven’t tried this delicious treat before or haven’t tried it in Madrid, and whether you’re spending months or just a couple days in the city, the team at ShMadrid is here to tell you about some of the best places to enjoy this Spanish classic in the capital.

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There’s no better treat than churros con chocolate

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When it comes to churros and chocolate in Madrid, what comes to mind for most people in the city is Chocolatería San Ginés, located at Pasadizo de San Ginés, 5. This is the most famous chocolate shop in the capital, having served churros and chocolate in the city since 1894. They are open 365 days per year until the early hours of the morning, making it a perfect late night snack as well as more traditional breakfast. Its proximity to the Puerta del Sol also allows it to be the spot where many Madrileños eat their first churros of the new year following the New Year’s Eve celebration. It is, without a doubt, a staple in the city. Close to San Ginés and also in the center of the capital is another historic churro shop, Los Artesanos (San Martín, 2). They have been serving delicious churros with chocolate for over a century, with a large array of chocolate types to choose from. This artisanal business now has its fifth generation of family members managing the business and continuing to bake their churros and treats with the same family recipes and care as they used in 1902. This is another classic in the capital that deserves a visit.

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Churrería s. XIX is another chain with various establishments in Madrid and the surrounding areas. On their website, you can see the addresses of all their locations to find the one that is closest to you. They were founded more than 40 years ago by master churro makers that have carried it into its third generation, and they work with care and only use the best ingredients to ensure the highest quality for their customers. Furthermore, they have the more-than-deserved fame of serving the largest churros in the city, making it a great option for days when you wake up late and need to satisfy a large appetite. Since the historic classics obviously aren’t the only great options for churros in the city, we would be remiss not to mention a younger business where they serve fabulous churros – Chocolat Madrid. This spot at Santa María, 9 is situated in the Las Letras neighborhood and opened their doors in December of 2003. The owner of this restaurant has worked hard to position their business as one of the best in Madrid. The hours of this restaurant are from 7:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m., offering breakfast options to early birds and end-of-the-day options before dinnertime. You won’t regret trying out this churro spot.

Where is your favorite place in Madrid to feast on churros con chocolate?

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