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Where to find the best crepes in Madrid

Written by Miguel

If you’re a foreigner living in Madrid, there are a lot of national and regional foods you have to try – but that’s not all there is. An entire world exists in Madrid, whether it is in music, cuisine, art or even people. This cosmopolitan city has plenty to offer you not only from its own culture, but also from other countries, like, for example, France.

Everybody thinks the French are a bit full of themselves, but we really don’t mind that when our bellies are full with their crepes, do we? They’re absolutely delicious and come with all different kinds of toppings and fillings – it’s no wonder that just like baguettes or croissants, they’ve made their way to pretty much every country in the world, Spain obviously included. Alright, we’ll stop making you hungry – here’s where to find the best crepes in Madrid:

La Rue

With super friendly service, this cosy cafe offers you a slice of France in Madrid. Despite having opened only recently, it has already built a great reputation among both locals and tourists thanks to its wide variety of crepe toppings and fillings. Other attractions of La Rue are their coffee (it’s really, really good!) and a vintage clothing shop in its basement.

Address: Calle de Colón, 14

Le Comptoir de la Crepe

Whether you prefer savoury or sweet crepes, La Comptoir has what you’re looking for. A great place to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s slightly more expensive than your average crepe cafe, but definitely worth it. We highly recommend that you try their smoked salmon crepes and their refreshing French cider.

Address: Calle Huertas 68

Mimi’s Creperia

Photo via Visual hunt

Photo via Visual hunt

If you’re looking for sweet flavours, you have to try their Oreo crepe. If you’re into something more savoury, their paprika cream crepe will take you places you’ve never been before. Just around the corner from Plaza Mayor, Mimi’s Creperia is the perfect place for a light breakfast or dessert, topped with a strong coffee or a glass of one of their delicious natural juices.

Address: Calle Postas, 17

That’s it! Now you can travel from Madrid to Paris at the delicious speed of food. Just pick one of these places, sit down, order your favorite crepe and enjoy the ride. And then try the other places too, because, trust us, they are all quite delicious. Just don’t forget who told you where to find the best crepes in Madrid. Make sure to come back after you’ve had them and leave us your own review of the places using the comment box below. Bon Appétit!

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