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Best Pizzerias in Madrid’s Chueca Neighbourhood

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Written by Daniella

Everyone enjoys a good slice of Italian pizza, and there is no reason why you can’t visit a pizzeria in Madrid’s Chueca neighbourhood. This fashionable part of the Spanish capital offers several restaurants with pizza’s in all shapes and sizes: square, oval or a the classic round pizza.

The dough is the base of the pizza, and you can choose between a thick or a thin, and  a soft or a crunchy crust. As for the toppings, there is a wide variety of options to select from. You can even combine your favourite toppings on one pizza, like a Napolitana, four cheeses, and Diavolo, etc.

Discover the best pizzerias in Madrid’s Chueca neighbourhood, and make sure you visit all of them at least once to make up your mind on what’s your favourite pizzeria in this part of the city. Today’s article by ShMadrid will tell you more.

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Madrid’s best pizzerias in the neighbourhood of Chueca

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Photo via Pixabay

There are lots of cultural and leisure activities you can do in the neighbourhood of Chueca. The streets are packed with shops, museums, unique architecture, bars and outdoor spaces, like the terrace on the square that carries the same name. Chueca also has a good number of pizzerias with very tasty recipes, attracting visitors from all over the world. So grab your notebook and write them down!

  • Pizzeria Vesurio is at Calle Infantas, and the average price you pay here per person is around 12 euros. The place is simple and small, but has an interesting menu. This typically Italian kitchen serves handmade pizzas with thin crusts for you to enjoy at one of its tables or at the bar.

The atmosphere at Pizzeria Vesurio suits families, although many youngsters also visit the place for its traditional cuisine with its very affordable price. They also serve other delicious dishes, like fresh pasta, garlic bread (starter) and a to-die-for homemade tiramisu.

  • Restaurant CasaVostra is in the same street (Calle Infantas), and the average price you pay here is 18 euros. The restaurant’s pizzas are quite popular in the area, and they are big, thin and crispy. Pizzas are baked in a wood-fired oven, and one of its specialities is Tartufo pizza (with black truffle and mozzarella).

You can also order other Italian recipes from the menu, such as a calzone, several antipasti and salads, or bruschetta. People that go to CasaVostra have voted for their favourite dessert, which is either the tiramisu or the panna cotta.

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pizza on wooden board

Photo via Pixabay

  • La Tagliatella is a well-known restaurant chain with several establishments throughout the entire city. One of them is in the centre of Chueca, at Calle Barquillo. The average price is 20 euros, and because of its quiet family atmosphere, this is the perfect place to take your children out for lunch or dinner.

There are many different salads, pizzas and homemade pastas to choose from, and everything is made with top quality ingredients. The size of the menu also allows you to opt for a meat dish, a risotto or one of its calzones.

  • Ôven Mozzarella Bar is a restaurant located at Calle Fuencarral, and the average price per person here is 21 euros. The restaurant is quite spacious and comfortable, with a modern interior. Its lovely pizzas are baked in a wood-fired oven, but the kitchen also serves other Italian specialties, such as pastas. You can even try an international dish like ceviche (Peruvian) here.
  • Restaurant Casa Gades is on Calle Conde Xiquena, and the average price per person you pay here is 30 euros. This restaurant is centrally located and offers authentic Italian cuisine, with classic pizzas with, for example, special ingredients like gorgonzola. They also serve meat dishes (grilled steak or escalope) and fish, like its famous skin-on sea bass.

If you would like to, they offer the possibility of group reservations. The restaurant also has a very affordable daily menu, so you can try out many of their lovely dishes.

Which pizzeria in Madrid’s Chueca neighbourhood is your favourite?

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