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Cool Down in Summer with Madrid’s Frozen Yoghurt

Written by Laurence

Summer is fast approaching.  In Madrid, that means searing temperatures, scorching sun, and no relief in the form of the sea. What does one do? Cold drinks, air conditioning, and swimming pools are all good, but Madrilenos have embraced the USA’s froyo culture and, and frozen yoghurt stores have been popping up all over the city over the past 3 or so years. So much so, that Spain is now the world’s leading purveyor of the stuff. Healthier than ice cream, with endless toppings and flavours, eating a frozen yoghurt is the perfect guilt-free way to cool down, whether it’s a blazing midsummer’s day, or a late night after-meal dessert. There is a profusion of frozen yoghurt chain stores across the city, and whilst it might seem that just hitting the closest branch will suffice, not all frozen yoghurts are created equal! Here’s ShMadrid‘s shortlist of frozen yoghurts in Madrid, tried and tested.

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Photo via Pixabay

With branches now spreading all over the globe, frozen yoghurt chain Llaollao is a proudly and wholly Spanish creation. Promoted as a healthy treat, Llaollao’s yoghurts are made with skimmed milk, and a medium tub contains almost 50% of your daily calcium needs. Whatever. You’ll love Llaollao for the smooth, creamy taste, and their huge variety of toppings. Try their signature Sanum, which is a fruit parfait covered in crunchy granola. There are gluten-free options, and the chain has won awards for environmental care, and employee welfare. All ’round, a brilliant Spanish enterprise worthy of support, and not just for the great yoghurt!


Another wholly Spanish business success story is Smöoy. The yoghurt here is slightly less creamy than that of Llaollao, offering instead a tangy freshness which is perfect as a cooling treat. Another chain store, there are branches appearing across Madrid, and it is also expanding rapidly, with China being a major success for the company. At Smöoy, all yoghurts are gluten-free, and contain 0.9% fat! Check out their weekly new topping additions.

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Mercado San Miguel


Photo via Pixabay

San Miguel, a Madrid institution, holds a little-known secret frozen yoghurt bar. Secret, because it’s not actually a bar for frozen yoghurt, but a sherry bar! The Sherry Corner sells not only some of Madrid’s finest sherries and vermouths, but they do a roaring trade in the summer evenings with their delicious frozen yoghurts. Their handmade frozen yoghurt beats all the chains in Madrid for its smooth creamy taste, and slightly sharp, tangy zing, belying its base of real yoghurt cultures. They have all the toppings you would expect, but go for their favourite: hot dulce de leche which will contrastingly melt into the yoghurt. Amazing! Not that you need extra convincing, but photos of celebrity clients adorn the walls as endorsements. Even Prince Charles and Camilla are fans!

What is your favourite location for cool refreshments?

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Laurence is an Australian expat, who has been living in Europe for about 10 years.

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