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Adoption Shelters For Abandoned Animals

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Written by Brian S.

The abandonment of pets continues to be a serious problem in Spain. Almost 138,000 dogs and cats were abandoned in Spain during the past year, of which 45% of them were later welcomed by a new family.

The tasks of shelters with abandoned pets are essential in giving them a second chance and a new home where they can be happy. In this ShMadrid article, we discover some of these abandoned animal reception centers in the city.

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Where can you adopt a pet in Madrid

El Refugio

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Photo via Pixabay

Since 1996, this center for the protection of abandoned animals in the neighbourhood of Apostol Santiago has been working to help them by denouncing animal abusers and looking for adopters for all animals they shelter.

El Refugio (The Refuge) is an independent institution that does not receive subsidies from any government, and through a monthly fee of €3 from members and supporters, it allows them to carry out its mission and objectives.

They also have a veterinary center where all proceeds go entirely to the care of their animals received by the center. Through its website, you can see the dogs and cats that are currently waiting to find a new home through adoption and have a second chance to be happy with a new family.

La Gatoteca

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Photo by torne (where’s my lens cap?) on Visual Hunt / CC BY

This is a refuge for abandoned and homeless cats in Madrid Centro, created to care for them and live in the center until they find a new home with a new family. In addition to their protection,

La Gatoteca has a number of educational activities, as well as therapeutic, and even playful things for the felines. The courses and talks are for everyone who has a cat at home or is planning to adopt one and want to learn how to take care of it correctly.

One of the main attractions of this center is its cafe – something you may have read about in one of our previous articles. An increasingly fashionable type of cafe in Spain, you can have a coffee, tea, or any refreshment while playing with these cats.

Plus, if you decide to take the next step, you can start the process of adoption, helping one of them getting a new home.

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Abrazo Animal

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Photo via Pixabay

The Abrazo Animal Association is a non-profit organization founded in 2014 in response to a large number of animals that need protection and shelter in the country and the lack of attention they receive.

Its center (located just outside Fuencarral-El Pardo) collaborates with the other municipalities to improve the lives of these animals and find a home through adoption.

Abrazo Animal (Hug-an-Animal) has its own programs and activities that contribute to the better development of the quality of life and welfare of these pets.

They do this through direct contact with them and promoting education and citizen awareness to this problem through talks in schools and campaigns on the internet in order to show the real problem of abandoned animals.

This animal reception center in Madrid offers an adoption system for dogs and cats in their facilities, giving them a new home with a family that cares for them.

Would you like to adopt a pet? Visit one of these shelters!

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