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The Best Places to See Animals in Madrid

Written by Paula

Are you coming to Madrid for a visit and wondering where you can see animals? There are a variety of venues in the Spanish capital where you can spend a great day by yourself or with those you care about, in the company of some of nature’s most spectacular beings. ShMadrid will tell you all about the best places to see animals.

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Photo via Pixabay

Faunia is both a zoo and a botanical garden that was created in 2001, with an area of about 14 acres. The venue is composed of four ecosystems and fifteen theme areas which replicate some of the most important animal habitats in the world. Over 300 species of animals live in this nature park,  including birds, mammals, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates.

Location: Avenida de las Comunidades, 28

Prices: Tickets purchased directly at the venue have a higher price than tickets which are bought online. A regular ticket costs 26,45€ if bought at Faunia, or 15,90€ if bought on their website. The same goes for all other types of tickets: children between 3 and 7 years old, adults over 65 years old, people with disability, and members of a large family pay 19,95€ or 15,90€ online. Children under 3 years old can go in for free.


Burrolandia is an animal protection organization that was founded in 1996. Their main objective is to prevent the extinction of donkeys and to do everything they can to help give them good living conditions. Since they are a non-profit organization, they rely on the good will of kind-hearted people who make donations or who purchase official Burrolandia products. If you fall in love with the cause, you can choose to sponsor a donkey or even to volunteer at Burrolandia.

Location: Camino de la Moraleja 147, Tres Cantos, Madrid

Prices: The entrance to Burrolandia is free every Sunday from 10 am to 2:30 pm.

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Zoo Aquarium

Photo via Pixabay

In this 49 acre park, you will not only be able to see birds and land creatures, but you will also be able to see some of the creatures that live underwater. That is only possible because Zoo Aquarium combines a zoo with an aquarium, offering visitors the best of both worlds. At Zoo Aquariumvisitors will be able to see all kinds of animals, like koalas, bears, tigers, sharks, turtles, and more, but the most exciting guests of the venue may just be the giant pandas. Not many zoos in the world have giant pandas and the ones in Zoo Aquarium have successfully mated, which means there is a baby panda to be seen!

Location: Casa del Campo park

Prices: To get your tickets at a discounted price, make sure you purchase them online.The regular ticket price is 23.90€ at the venue or 17.90€ online. Children between 3 and 7 years old, people over 65 years old, and people with disabilities pay 18.90€ or 15.90€ online. An adult who comes as part of a large family pays 13.70€ or 13.50€ online, while children pay 9.40€ or 9.20€ online. Kids under 3 years old can go in for free.

What is your favourite place to go and watch animals in Madrid?

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