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Tips for your parents’ first visit to Madrid

Written by Cara Chatellier

Ah! Your parents are coming. If you’re anything like me, you are really excited to see them. But having guests can be a little overwhelming, especially in a city you are still getting to know. Well, as a girl who entertained her parents for 5 days in Madrid, I am here to provide you with tips and tricks to survive a parental visit in Madrid.

Have them stay close to your apartment

Tourist Map Madrid

Photo via Visual Hunt

Having them close to you has multiple advantages. If your parents don’t speak Spanish (like mine), it helps to know the neighborhood they are staying in very well. That way, you can tell them where to go and what to see if you have to work or have other obligations. If you need a moment alone, it’s easy for you to run home quickly and unplug. Lastly, they want to see where you live – that’s why they’re here! Let them see your neighborhood and have a taste of your everyday life.

Do some prep work

If your parents arrive and you have nothing prepared, you will appear selfish and a bit lazy. At least put together some restaurant ideas or some sights you want to show them. My parents were my 4th visitors so I consider myself a pro at this point. I typically get some recommendations from Spanish friends, do some googling and cruise some blogs. It’s not that hard, you got this!

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Take a day trip

Madrid is an amazing city – there’s so much to do and so much to see. It’s especially great if you’re young and love to party. Guess what? Your parents aren’t and they don’t. Take them outside of the city on a day trip and show them what other parts of Spain have to offer. I took my parents to Segovia for cochinillo at Jose Luis and to see the amazing aqueduct. This was a great trip and it’s only an hour and a half by bus.

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Be a tourist

Photo by Sebastian Dubiel via Wikimedia Commons

Photo by Sebastian Dubiel via Wikimedia Commons

After living in Madrid for a while, the last thing you want to do is go to Gran Via or Sol on a Saturday because it’s so crowded and full of tourists. But your parents are tourists and you need to play into it a little. You may have to swallow your pride and do some things you vowed to never try, like posing with a statue, or having a drink in Plaza Mayor. But it’s all in good fun, even if its a bit pricey and cheesy.

My visit with my parents was an amazing experience full adventures, ups and downs, and a few mini frustrations.

Have your parents come to visit? Let me know how it went and if I missed any important tips!

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Cara Chatellier is an English writer in love with the city of Madrid.

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