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How to get discounts in Madrid

Written by Anthony Stephan

Spending time in Madrid while saving money is always a good way to enjoy the city. It can be a challenge, experiencing all that the city has to offer without spending much, after all, eating out, shopping, having a drink, visiting monuments costs money. Madrid is not an expensive city, per se, but if there are ways of saving, wouldn’t you like to know them?

Disfruta Madrid Más

Photo by COD Newsroom via Visualhunt

Disfruta Madrid Más is a well-known website for good deals Disfruta Madrid Más offers many different discounts to museums, sports, cinema, restaurants, music and more. You just need to get a membership card to benefit from the discounts. The card costs 21€ for 6 months and 25€ for a year. Unfortunately, Disfruta Madrid Más is only available for international students. Disfruta Madrid Más has been created for them by Madrid’s universities, language schools and Cervantes Institute. Its objective is to offer the students the best way to enjoy the capital without spending too much money.

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City Life Madrid

City Life Madrid offers you discounts on hotels, flights, gym centers, and other activities. If you are planning a trip abroad, you can even get some discounts in other cities. For the party animals, you can get free VIP entries or drinks in many nightclubs in Madrid. New discounts are popping up everyday. So do not miss them! Ther are also discounts for gym centers (FitUp and BasicFit) which are very interesting.

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For those who can’t get a DMM membership, it will be worth it to get familiarized with Groupona website specialized in discounts on culture, leisure, hotels, flights, health and more. This company offers discounts for every city in Spain. The best way to make use of the website is to visit it every week there are discounts with a maximum of 70% off! Explore the city by getting a discount on restaurants or bars. Get pampered and spruced up – there are some discounts on massages, hairdressings and hair removal. For fun activities, you may drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini or enjoy a free fall in the largest wind tunnel in Europe.

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