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Cafeterias With Cats: Spanish Style

cat near cup of coffee
Written by Brian S.

In recent years, cafes have adopted the trend of enjoying the company of animals, whether it be dogs or cats, or known as “cat cafes” and “dog cafes.” It has spread around the world including Spain, where there are a few places like this around.

In Madrid, the first cat cafe in Spain was established, where we can interact with different cats while enjoying a drink, and where the main objective is the welfare of the cat. Here at ShMadrid, let’s take a dive into this cat cafe in Madrid, as well as the others in Spain.

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Where to visit cat cafes in Madrid and Spain

La Gatoteca (Madrid)

cat sign on shop window

Photo via Pixabay

La Gatoteca is much more than a cat cafe. It is also a place that serves as a shelter for abandoned cats, giving them a new opportunity to finding a family, being the headquarters of the Association ABRIGA.

La Gatoteca is listed as Club del Gato, where they have a large number of educational, therapeutic, and play activities in the feline world, including Café con Cats, a space where cat lovers can come to interact with these animals, play with them, and, if desired, adopt them.

In their cafeteria, the most important thing is the cats, for which the time of stay in the place in the company of them is charged with the first drink free, and then serving more drinks, no alcohol, when you want it. The prices to stay at La Gatoteca is €4 for half an hour and €6 for a full hour. They also have 10 and 20-hour bonuses at €50 and €90 respectively.

This café with cats at Argumosa Street, 28 in the neighbourhood of Lavapiés was the first of this style in Spain, ending the ban so that other locals could try this type of cafeteria that have had such success in other countries of the world, including Japan and the United Kingdom. 

Espai de Gats (Barcelona)

Like La Gatoteca, Espai de Gats also functions as a cat adoption center besides being a cafeteria where you can enjoy your time in the company of cats. It is also a school with workshops and courses on the behavior, health, communication, and environmental enrichment of cats, all to raise awareness about the feline world and help solve the problem of abandoned animals.

Espai de Gats, whose goal is to get all cats adopted, has different rates from €3 to €8, depending on length of stay and drink bought. It has a large number of cats to play, pet, feed, and give them all the love they deserve.

It is located at Terol, 29 in the district of Gracia, home to Park Güell and Casa Vicens, both Gaudi designed. If you are looking for accommodation in Barcelona, ​​you will find the best apartments at the best price on ShBarcelona!

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Cat Relax (Alicante)

cup of coffee with cat in milk foam

Photo via Pixabay

Alicante was the most recent city in Spain to open a cat cafe with Cat Relax, the headquarters of the ABAIFA Charitable Association. This cafeteria allows visitors to drink coffee while interacting with cats.

This is a special place where you can read a book, meet friends, or just play with the cats and enjoy their company. The price varies from €3 for half an hour and €5 for an hour, including a tea or coffee, and trinkets for the cats.

For children, it is just €2.50. This cat cafe in Alicante is located in neighbourhood of Los Angeles. (specific address: Plaza Joaquín María López, 7)

Do you know any more cat cafes in Madrid or in Spain? 

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