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Best areas for dogs in Madrid

Written by Anthony Stephan

If you are a pet owner living in Madrid and you are looking for good places to walk with your dog you are in luck. Madrid is a very dog-friendly city. In every district there are parks and green areas where you can take your furry friend for a walk. Most are stocked with poop bag dispensers and plenty of trash cans. You should know that Madrid takes the cleanliness of the city very seriously and tat you may have to pay a fine up to €1,500 if you don’t scoop your puppy’s droppings.

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Benefits of taking a walk with your dog

Photo via Pixabay

Many dog owners consider having to take them for a walk a hassle. But the truth is that taking yout pet for stroll can help you in many ways as well. It will not only make your dog happy and healthy but it will help you disconnect from electronic gadgets and daily stresses of modern society. At the same time, you will be strengthening the bond you have with your dog, which will make your relationship even better! Walking your dog also helps you get your body moving, which is essential for those who do work that requires them to sit all day. You can make it as fun and sporty as you want. You can run with your pup, throw frisbees or balls for it to chase while you run around as well… the possibilities are limitless! Make it a fun activity not only for your dog but also for yourself.

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Dog Parks in Madrid

Photo via Pixabay

Every district has its own dog areas but it is always nicer to walk in the parks. That’s why we are suggesting the most popular ones. Retiro is one of the most touristic parks in Madrid. During the day, locals and tourists like walking around to enjoy the nature and the pathways. Families come so that the children can enjoy the playground areas, runners and bikers come to enjoy exercise outdoors. Before 10 am and after 8 pm, your dog can walk around without a leash. The special fenced spots are on the northwest side of the park. Another popular park for dogs is Madrid Río. This 10 km park is absolutely amazing during the summer, with large spaces, green areas, good pathways. Located in Chamartín, Berlín park is also a popular location, especially due to the fact that it has pieces of the original Berlin Wall. If you live close to downtown, Juan Carlos I park is a good one too, which bets heavily on sustainable methods of maintenance. On the other side of the Río, Casa del Campo is another main park in Madrid where you can take your dog. With more than 1720 hectares, animals can enjoy the nature and run around freely as much they want. In all these parks, you will find some facilities to improve your dog’s agility and large places to run and play with your dog safely.


Retiro Park: Plaza de la Independencia, 7

Madrid Rio Park: Puente de Toledo

Juan Carlos I Park: Glorieta Sar Don Juan de Borbon y Battermberg

Berlín Park: Av. de Ramón y Cajal, 2

Casa del Campo: Paseo Puerta del Angel, 1

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