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Where to buy your new bicycle in Madrid

Written by Paula

Riding a bicycle can be one of the most enjoyable activities one can partake in. Of course, to do it right, it’s important to have a functioning vehicle, in good conditions, so that the ride can go smoothly.

There are several stores and websites where you can find new bicycles for sale. Here are a few suggestions.


Slowroombicycle madrid is not your ordinary bike shop. Walking in, customers will not only find every bicycle and bicycle accessory, but they will also be able to appreciate works of photography and art. Deeply dedicated to the cycling world, Slowroom also has a blog, where readers can enjoy a number of articles and tips.

Slowroom is located at Plaza de las Salesas, 2.


Mammoth is an experienced bicycle shop where customers can find everything they need for their bikes. Besides the vehicle itself, the shop sells components like wheels, pedals, and bicycle seats; accessories like pumps, lights and baskets; clothing, shoes, sunglasses, books and DVDs, and even nutritional items.

Mammoth has four shops in Madrid. You can find a Mammoth shop at Calle Fuente del Berro 9, Calle San Joaquín 5, Calle Fragua 2, and Rotonda de Pitágoras 1, nave 703.

Mejor Bike

Mejor Bike specializes in the sales of bicycles by Mondraker and Merida Bikes. At this bicycle shop, customers can find road bikes, BMX bikes, double suspension bikes, bikes with 29” wheels, bikes with 27.5” wheels, and bikes for children.

 Mejor Bike is located at Avenida de la Aviación 101.


At Bicimania customers will find bicycles by brands like Trek, Specialized, Dahon, Conor, Likeabike, Mondraker and a Quipplan. The shop sells bikes for mountain biking, competition, endurance, fitness, triathlons and marathons. There are fixies, hybrid bicycles  and even bicycles that fold. Bicimania’s bicycle prices start at 174€.

Bicimania is located at Carrer de Palencia 20.


Located in the Chamartín district, Retrocycle is almost a cult space for cycling fans. The shop sells a number of cycling products and performs bicycle repairs and conversions.

Retrocycle is located at Avenida doctor Arce, 32.

bicycle madridMobeo

Mobeo is a famous bicycle shop in Madrid, the ideal place to purchase an urban bike.  At Mobeo customers can find Bromptons, Vanmoofs, Alpinas, Fixies, Dahons, Pilens, and Amats.  The shop also offers a couple of models of electric bikes.

Mobeo is located at Paseo de la Chopera, 73.

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