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Where to rent bicycles in Madrid

Written by Ashley B

Why walk around Madrid when you can ride a bicycle? It is my favorite way of touring a city in style. Riding a bike through an amazing city while the cool breeze blows through your hair and the bright sun shines on your face makes for a perfect day. It is also a much quicker way of experiencing the beautiful city of Madrid than wandering around walking.

Here are a few of Madrid’s bike rental shops:


Photo via

Photo via

Trixi is a company that was founded in 2002, with locations in Madrid and Barcelona. They offer bicycle tours and allow patrons to rent bicycles hourly or even weekly. The cool thing about Trixi is that if you choose to show yourself around Madrid, they will give you a map with landmarks in English or Spanish, a lock (if you decide to park the bike to shop or grab a bite to eat), and a helmet (which is optional).

For only €4 an hour you can see Madrid at your own pace. If you decide to take their guided tour, it will take approximately three hours. They take you to the most popular historical locations throughout the city and even stop for a drink. For all the sports fans out there, Trixi also has a soccer themed Real Madrid group tour #HalaMadrid.

Rent and Roll

Rent and Roll is a company based out of Madrid. They offer bicycles and even roller skates for rent. Like Trixi, they offer guided tours of Madrid. Rent and Roll offers a wide variety of bicycles, from cruisers and mountain bikes, to electric bikes. These bikes start at €5 per hour. One interesting thing about Rent and Roll is they will bring you a bike wherever you are in the city. Book your bike today and get riding!


Photo credit: danielfoster437 via VisualHunt / CC

Photo credit: danielfoster437 via VisualHunt / CC

Out with the old and in with the new. Madrid now has electric bicycles available to all citizens and visitors. BiciMAD has 1,560 bikes available throughout its 123 stations in the city. You can rent a bike at any time of the day, 365 days of the year. Discounts for the elderly are available. They also offer two-seater scooter, if you are visiting Madrid with your significant other. Tip of the day: download the app it makes it 100 times easier to find the stations where you can pick-up and drop-off your bike.


Wish you luck and safe riding folks! 

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