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Best exercise options for men in Madrid

Written by Anthony Stephan

Men’s exercise needs are different from women’s. Men want to have a flat belly, ripped arms and a muscular chest. The best way to achieve those goals is by exercising regularly, with healthy doses of cardio and intense workouts. o help you reach your goal of improving your health and getting a more muscular figure, ShMadrid presents the best exercise options for men in Madrid

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In Madrid, you will easily find a gym to workout in, no matter what district you are staying in. Most gyms spacious and fully equipped, offering many services such as workout facilities, spinning, fitness classes and personalized training. When you subscribe to a franchise’s annual or monthly membership, ask if you have access to all centers in Spain. Some franchises have locations in other cities, so you might visit them when you travel for a weekend holiday or during a business trip. The most popular gyms in Madrid are FitUp, BasicFit, CrossFit Singular Box or AltaFit. Urban Fitness is also a good one. The subscription starts at €19.99 per month. Check out each gym’s promotions and you may just find one that does not charge a registration fee. Do not hesitate to ask for a free day trial to know if they have everything that you are looking for.

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Fitness Classes

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Fitness instructors or personal trainers will help you to gain mass and lose weight. You can usually hire one at the gym. It is the cheapest way but if you prefer to workout at home or in a private room, a personal trainer is the best solution for monitoring and support. Your personal trainer defines your goals, explains the techniques, watches your posture and lets you move at your own pace. You can visit ideafit, a website that collects a great list of fitness instructors or personal trainers. David Hughes is also a well-known personal trainer in Madrid. He has opened his private fitness training studio a few years ago and it is still as popular as ever. From boxing, weight training or circuit training, he and his team will guarantee your objectives.

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