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Home Staging Techniques

Written by Laura

Many people decide to sell their apartments for different reasons. Aside from the obvious circumstance of moving, some people possess other properties that they don’t want to manage anymore, or are ready to rent out to tenants. Whatever the reason, putting a home on the market can be stressful, but there are techniques you can use to make your the sales process easier. Everyone wants their home to sell for the highest price it can so they can make a profit off the house and avoid losing value after the fact. Thankfully, there are technique you can employ as you prepare your house to be sold that will help your home to sell quickly and for a good price. Today at ShMadrid, we’ll be talking about the benefits of home staging.

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Impeccable apartment, higher sales

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This is a principal that is important to keep in mind. If your apartment is eye-catching and attractive, it will be much easier and painless to sell it, minimizing the risk of having to lower the price and instead maintaining more profitability. Gone are the days of showing a disorganized apartment where children are screaming and there is a general sense of chaos. It can be helpful to think of your apartment as a product, and like any other product, you want it to sell for every cent that it’s worth. Home staging is a tool designed for home sellers that helps them to sell their product quickly, efficiently and for the price the vendor needs. Imagine you are trying to sell a car; a high-quality, perfectly functioning car – in theory, it shouldn’t be difficult to sell, right? It won’t be, as long as you present it in the best state it can be, free of dirtiness and disorganization. No matter how well functioning and well-equipped your apartment is, it won’t matter if you don’t clean up your apartment and your showing ends up leaving something to be desired.

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When it comes time to sell your apartment, there are important things to keep in mind to make sure everything is ready. From the minute a potential buyer walks in, they should experience a tranquil, relaxing environment where they can take in the apartment in its full splendor. It may be the case that the apartment will be still inhabited when you show it; if so, it’s important to still show the apartment in its best condition by changing any defective lights or plugs, fixing squeaky doors and broken furniture and replacing broken doorknobs. During the visit, you should create a more attractive mood in the room with calm but effective lighting that allows visitors to properly see the apartment. In addition, all areas should be clean and tidy, including terraces, balconies, gardens and the top of furniture like dressers and beds. It is important to depersonalize the apartment, which includes removing family photos and personal memorabilia from the walls and the refrigerator, for example. It is important to make the space feel open and welcoming and not too personal to the current or past tenants, so potential buyers can clearly picture themselves living there. If you are selling an empty apartment without furniture, it may be a good idea to rent some simple but attractive pieces of furniture to add to the space. This also helps viewers to better visualize the dimensions of the space when it comes to how it fits furniture.

Have you used any of these techniques? Did they work for you?

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