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Installing a Heating System in Madrid

Written by Daniella

Fireplaces are a heating method with a lot of charm, partly due to their authentic image that reminds us of ancient times, and on the other hand because of their heating power. In some cases, a fireplace can heat several rooms, if they are not too big. The truth is that traditional chimneys, with a smoke chamber and flue, can not always be installed in a building. And in general, the weather in Spain is never really bad enough to install a fireplace for the sole purpose of heating. In large cities, such as Madrid, most houses and apartment buildings have central heating, so that’s why they have stopped installing conventional chimneys. But there are not only those models on the market. There are other types of heating systems that can be installed. Today, ShMadrid will tell you about the different models and how to install them.

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Types of heating and installation requirements

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The traditional chimneys, which burn on different types of materials (usually coal, wood or pellets, among other flammable products) need a smoke chamber and flue, that allows the smoke that is generated after the combustion of the materials, to exit the house on the exterior. This implies that a more or less complex construction work or adjustment must be done, depending on the location of the chimney, and that the chimney flue must be extracted to the facade or roof of the building. Due to this requirement, most residential buildings do not allow to install a chimney, if the construction did not previously exist. Only single-family detached houses or stand-alone houses allow the installation of a traditional fireplace. But there are other options if you like the look and warmth of fire. If it is not possible to build a chimney with smoke chamber and flue in your home, you can resort to the new and aesthetic models on the market to heat your home.

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First, let’s talk about the electric fireplace, which resembles the traditional fireplace. There are models, that function as hot air heaters and that have a display or a screen that simulates the fire of a fireplace. There are portable and recessed wall placement models, the latter being those that best simulate a traditional fireplace. The recessed wall placement models require some construction work though, because there needs to be some kind of chimney inside the wall. Some models have a remote control to turn on the device, so you can operate them from the comfort of your sofa. The hot air comes out through special slits and it can heat a room, but its calorific value is lower than that of a traditional fireplace. Other very aesthetic alternatives are bioethanol fireplaces. These are heating models, in which a flame is lit (smaller or larger, depending on the model), which uses bioethanol. Bioethanlo is a type of fuel you can burn until it is finished. Then it needs to be refilled. It does not cause fumes, which means that it does not require an outside chimney, and it can be placed anywhere. There are also portable models, both desktop and recessed, which are very aesthetic and decorative. Its calorific value is the smallest of the three models, so perhaps it’s not very powerful, but it can heat a room that is not too big.

What kind of heating system do you have at home?

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