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The Best Sofa Stores in Madrid

Written by Laura

If there is anything that’s essential to have in your house, apart from your bed, it’s a sofa. The sofa is one of the most multi-purpose spaces in the home – it’s where you sleep, read, eat, watch movies, cry and relax. It’s a space where you spends many hours of your life, so it should be a comfortable, cozy space where you can curl up and recuperate after a long day. There are a variety of models of sofas, from smaller two-person couches to enormous L-shaped options that can fit the whole family. The number of people who will likely be using the sofa is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes time to choose and buy a couch. Today in this article from ShMadrid, we will be talking about the best sofa stores in the Spanish capital.

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Choosing your future couch

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As we highlighted at the beginning of this article, the sofa is one of the most important furniture elements of the home. It forms part of your daily life and ideally can be used as the home base for a variety of tasks and relaxing activities, including ones done with the whole family. A good sofa can be the element that brings everyone together into one physical space to watch a movie, or where you can sit and chat with company while enjoying a drink. Good sofas are generally made from a wood base and have a comfortable fabric covering that isn’t irritating but comfortable to sit on, as well as good back support and head rests. There are a variety of dimensions that are important to consider and will depend on the number of people who will be using it, which will likely be all the family members or roommates living in the home. As a piece of furniture that will experience heavy use, it’s common for sofas to become worn over the years, especially in a house with children and pets. If you are thinking of buying a sofa for your new house or considering changing out an older one that you already have, you can visit one of the following three sofa stores in Madrid that we recommend.

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The first store we recommend is La Nube Sofás, located at calle Alcalá 198. Here you can find all types of sofas, sofa beds, modular couches and leather couches. All of their models are very new and you can find them in the most modern colors, giving your living room a more trendy flair of interior design. For another more contemporary style option, you can visit the antique furniture store Tiempos Modernos. Located at calle Arrieta 17, Tiempos Modernos offers a high-quality furniture catalogue with products of signature brands. In addition, you can find all types of detailing and decor to decorate your home in a more personal way. We’ll mention one last sofa store in Madrid for your furniture needs – La Boutique del Sofá, located at calle Ibiza 56 . Here you can find a large variety of sofas, sofa beds, chairs and couches displayed over a large 1,500 meter warehouse space.

Have you visited any of these stores? Is there another option you would recommend?

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