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Get a Massage in Madrid

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Written by Miguel

A modern city bustling with life and movement, Madrid is number one on the list of plenty of travelers from around the world who are looking to experience its unique environment.

A huge commerce and entertainment hub, the city is perfect for those looking for a new adventure. Amidst all the excitement, though, we all need some time to relax and cater to the needs of our minds and bodies.

What better way to revitalize your whole self and get ready for more fun times in town than with a nice massage? There are plenty of options for whenever you need to get a massage in Madrid, and ShMadrid is here to help you out with some suggestions.

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Where to get a good massage treatment in Madrid

The Fix Room

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From various different types of therapeutic massages to high-intensity sports massages and including the costumer-favourite and house specialty anti-stress massage, The Fix Room offers everything you need to feel like new again.

Showered by five-star reviews in several different websites, it features top-notch facilities, friendly and skilled staff and a unique atmosphere that will have you feeling calmer just by walking through the door.

Highly recommended and with pretty good prices, which range from 30 to 90€. The Fix Room is at Calle de la Cruz, 19. in the neighbourhood of Cortes.

Kenika Thai Massage

In case you’d rather experience a traditional Thai massage, you won’t find a better place for it in Madrid than Kenika. Let time stand still for the duration of the session, immerse yourself in the soothing ambiance of the place and let its knowledgeable masseurs do their magic on your soul.

Offering not only therapeutic massages but also facial treatments and body scrubs and with prices averaging around 50€ per session, Kenika is another great choice for those craving a massage during their stay in the capital of Spain.

The exact location for Kenika is Paseo de la Habana, 42., in the neighbourhood of El Viso.

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If you’re so tired that you’d prefer to get a massage without even leaving your home, there is also a service for that. Telemasajes takes relaxation to you wherever you are in the city and its services are available every day from 9 AM to 10 PM.

Employing physiotherapists specialized not only in traditional massage techniques but also in Pilates and acupuncture, it’s been providing stress relief to both locals and tourists for oven 10 years now.

Depending on the kind and length of treatment you desire, the price of a session can range from 36€ to 99€ – be aware that rates are higher on weekends.

Call 634 578 954 to book a session, and have that massage from the comfort of your own penthouse or luxury apartment with pool.

Do you like being massaged? Or do you prefer another activity to relax body and mind?

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